Despite Bann: Russia wants football

Notwithstanding his isolation because of the crime war against Ukraine, Russia wants to align the football championship 2028 or 2032.

Russia has given a corresponding letter of intent, said association's leader Aleksandr Dyukov according to the Agency "TASS". Now the association has to work on the application by 12 April 2023 time. Russia has experience to align large tournaments, said Dyukov. The country hosted the World Cup 2018, 2021 took place several games of the European Championship in the city of St. Petersburg.

Russian teams and athletes were suspended from their Europeans associations after attacking Ukraine on February 24th. The Russian football national team was excluded from the qualification for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

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Александр ДЮКОВ: как будет жить российский футбол / новый лимит / заявка на проведение Евро

Previously, the football associations from the United Kingdom and Ireland had given a joint application for the focus of the European Championship 2028. The European Football Union UEFA wants to announce the possible candidates in early April. The tournament should be awarded together with the final round 2032. Italy is in conversation as host.


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