With Discord on PS4 and PS5, my CrossSplay becomes

For me, CrossSplay is one of the most beautiful development in the gaming of recent years. Players can play their favorite games platform independent together with friends. Especially titles like Fortnite , Call of Duty: Warzone or APEX Legends often set to particularly large multiplayer modes like Battle Royale, for which it may need up to 100 players * inside at the same time. Thanks to CrossSplay, however, we still have to wait a few seconds just a few seconds until we have found a available lobby and can start.

So far, the feature has a big problem: Cross-platform voice chat is not possible. That's why I was delighted about the message that Sony and Discord discuss a partnership. Now that the link between the two platforms has been rolled out in the last week, I would like to tee myself shortly before fulfilling my CrossSplay dreams.

What brings the integration of discord to PlayStation?

Granted, so far we do not really benefit from the link. Other users can now view my PlayStation ID and also whether and what I'm just games. But that it finally starts, however, makes hope for more. After all, Jim Ryan , the CEO of Sony in the announcement of the partnership:

_ "Our goal is to bring together the discord and playstation experiences on consoles and mobile starts next year closer and enable friends, groups and communities around with each other, have fun and lighter, while playing games together." _

Especially the small word _ Communicate_ is important in this context. The above links are quite nice, but certainly not the reason for the partnership. Rather, I hope for something completely different: cross-platform voice chat .

What is the problem with CrossSplay?

How to Connect PSN to Discord in 2022! - PS4/PS5 I personally am a big fan of multiplayer games. Especially Apex Legends and Rocket League have done it for some time for some time. But I've always been a PlayStation child . For topics such as system requirements and overpriced graphics cards, I run down the back of me.

Many friend * inside me is different. In itself no problem, because thanks to CrossSplay I can easily contact you apex , Rocket League , splitgate and play consorts. The only obstacle: I always have to decide between voice chat and in-game sound.

So we can vote, we have to communicate with each other. So we talk about Discord . While my teammates run the inside but very simple on their computer, I always have to dial the phone or the laptop.

Then I stay two options: Either I wear a headset and can then no longer hear the in-game sound correctly. Or I turn on the speaker, which ultimately understands me no one and I do not notice half of the talks.

In a game like Rocket League is the first and foremost annoying. In competitive shooters, however, it is fast at GameBreaker . Here good agreements are almost as important as good sound. Where is she shot? Are there steps over me? Behind me? Left or right?

In addition to immersion, it also reduces my own skills. A concept that leads to frustration in length instead of fun and that only by integrated voice chat can be solved.

Additional advantages

Direct, cross-platform communication would certainly be the biggest advantage of integrating Discord on the PlayStation. In addition, it also brings you further advantages.

Many big Communities can be found on Discord . On special servers can be quickly found like-minded teammates, with which play playing much more fun and from which in many cases good friends can become inside.

Such a feature lacks PS4 and PS5 , since the little accessible communities were painted. Here, the two platforms seem to be on a good way, as the linking of the accounts shows.

However, the possibilities resulting from a properly implemented Discord app on the PlayStation exceeds this by far. So a platform could arise, which would already come very close to the original thought of CrossSplay.

A platform for all

Discord is, especially in recent years, more than just an app in which you can talk to other people while playing. Rather, it is a place where friend can virtually meet .

Often we are simply hanging around in larger group. Especially when living in different cities or countries, this is a great blessing. Gambling does not necessarily have to be in the foreground.

Sometimes a * R works while someone else cooks. Again different play, but not mandatory together. Straight games where sound, agreements and full concentration are not so important are ideal as a pastime while maintaining.

The PlayStation meets in my opinion an unnecessary special position, which ultimately affects border. I would love to travel through Tsushima or the Wild West RDR2 travel and coaches along with friend *, but I'm always reliant on the use of multiple devices.

In order to come back again: CrossSplay is really a fantastic development in my eyes. But this is really good, but only when we can play with friend , as if we were on the same platform . And this platform can be Discord *.


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