Scarlet Pokémon: An artist explains the designs of the new initials and imagine his evolution

Scarlet and purple Pokémon will be the new deliveries of the main saga and will arrive at Nintendo Switch at the end of this year. An unexpected novelty that has come accompanied by an interesting surprise: the new region will be set in the Iberian Peninsula, granting a protagonist role to Spain. This situation has revived the interest of a community already spurred by the recent launch of legends: Arceus and has led to numerous theories about the origin of initials and their possible development in the final version of videogames.

All the details of the new initials and their possible evolutions

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One of the most interesting readings has been the one that has offered an artist from the community. Malena Santos, usually known as Zyralynn has tried to explain the designs of Sprigatito, Fuagocococcus and Quaxly trying to attend to its main characteristics. A very interesting reading that also served to create some very interesting conceptual arts about its evolutions.

Attending to this reading he has done on the initials of scarlet and purple Pokémon, on which he insists that it is only a theory, the artist has dared with the final evolutionary stages of these initials. In the case of Spirigatito We are facing a version that seems to bet on its conversion to an Iberian lynx of the most majestic with tiger touches saber teeth. For Fuelococcus would stay with a horse-on-riding version between dragon and crocodile for which bet on the ghost as a secondary type. Completing the trio, the artist has recognized not having too many ideas for quaxly . Situation by which she is declanted by a somewhat more premature concept in which she may work more in the future.

All designs have been carried out by the artist Malena Santos , who we strongly recommend following on the Twitter account of it.


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