Nexon, 21st sales of 2,853 billion won ...

Nexon (Nexon Co., Ltd.) Owen Mahoney Owen Mahoney, Owen Mahoney Owen Ma Heni, announced on the past quarter and 4Q01 and annual connection performance.

Nexon's 2021 sales decreased by 274.5 billion yen (about 2,74.5 billion yen (about 2,853 billion won), decreased by 6% compared to 2020. 21 years of operating profit declined 18% QoQ and 91.5 billion yen (about 9,51.6 billion won). However, net profit increased by 104% YoY (1,194.3 billion won) (1,194.3 billion won).

The earnings of 4Q11 declined by 18% YoY (KRW 563.9 billion in Korea), and operating profit was 3 billion yen (about W30.9bn). Net profit was 22 billion yen (W228.6bn) to surplus.

Nexon-side said that it has achieved a forecast based on the solid performance of the launch of the new 'Blue Archive' and 'Sudden Attack' and 'FIFA Online 4' in the fourth quarter sales and operating profit. Last November, the launch of the global formal "Blue Archive" was a good-looking specialized character with a streaning story, and the first place of the top revenue ranked on the subcrucial genre fans, and the second top of the top sales ranking, 2,. Since then, the immersion was also served as a high story content and succeeded in long-term boxing.

This Billionaire CEO's New Ride Is A Tata Nexon EV | 2022 Nexon EV Launch Update #2022nexonev The 'Sudden Attack', which celebrated its 16th anniversary last year, has enhanced the fun of the unique, short and fast fun, and has released new characters and weapons every season, and to the users who launch new characters and weapons every season. As a result, in the third quarter, it has grown two or more times a year and more than three declines.

Authentic online football game 'FIFA Online 4' also focused on improving the game performance by introducing a tactical system and transportation market status with a tactical system and a transition market that increases the convenience of users through summer and winter large updates. We also continued to launch a new class, and continue to implement special reward events and continued to grow on the previous year.

Nexon (Japanese Corporation) Owen Mahoi CEO "2021 was a year in 2021 concentrated the transcription capacity in large new IP development in a steady launch of major live games." I will pay for the new growth engine. "

In 2022, Nexon launched 2D Action RPG 'Dunp Mobile' on March 24th, "Cart Rider: Drift", 'Arc Radars',' HIT2 ',' DNF Duel ', and Mabinogi Mobile' It is scheduled to be present.


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