Lost Ark: Amazon Games launches a statement about the most recurring problems of the game

In a press release published on the night from February 20 to 21, 2022, Amazon Games revealed that they are working hard to solve some problems important that Lost Ark players have been experimenting since the implementation of the Game in the West. Specifically, the situation should change in some cases in the coming days, but the news is not very good in general, especially on the server side.

endless queues in Europe

The queues are one of the large sources of frustration for many players, especially in Europe. The news is not bad on this side since Amazon has revealed that the creation of new servers is not raised, but also the impossibility of increasing the capacity of the servers already available.

Specifically, we will have to do with the time that the situation is resolved and that the "Hype" decrease . In any case, this is what seems to indicate the finding recently published by Amazon, then translated into Spanish for us.

Transfer from one server to another

With the opening of the Western Europe region, certainly late and almost incomprehensible to say truth, many players ask for the possibility of migrating their character from Central Europe to this new European region to reduce the queues. However, there are bad news **; You will have to start from scratch there too: it is a clear and forceful "no" on the part of Amazon for now.

The power pass, one of the great unknowns of Lost Ark

When you reach level 50 and complete the mission the gift of Ealyn at north of Bern , you will opt for two power passes that will allow you to level up two characters from the server directly Level 50 instantly.

In an effort for migrate to the servers of Western Europe, players have asked Amazon to offer at least one of these impulses to players who wish to change from region. As with migrations, the news is not positive: is a new "no" by the western editor, so you should start from scratch if you want to change from region and avoid the infernal queues of Central Europe.

crystalline aura.

The crystalline aura, generally that included in the founder packages, has disappeared for many players who had it activated over the last days of premiere. Amazon has announced that it has launched a patch that should have temporarily resolved the situation pending a permanent solution in collaboration with Smilegate RPG.

Improvements in the pairings

If you tried to join a group for a abyssal dungeon or a RAID to the guardians using the right tools during the weekend from February 18 to 20, 2022, you may have noticed that the situation was complex And it was almost impossible **. Amazon made maintenance at night from February 20 to 21 to temporarily solve the problem, while waiting again to find a solution with the Development Study of South Korea.

Gold Sale

Authentic scourge of chats, gold sellers interfere everywhere and give the impression that they are the only ones that exist in these channels that are supposed to be dedicated to dialogue between players. At the moment, Amazon has not found any solution, but offers players manually deactivate the zone chat channel while waiting for the implementation of a patch dedicated to the moderation of these rioters. If we do not see the problem, it does not exist after all, right?

Protection against fraud

Lost Ark - Amazon Keeps Us Waiting Due To New World

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