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This Friday comes the Action Adventure Horizon: Forbidden West after a long wait for the market finally on the market. For the mood, you can read not only our detailed test of PC Games, but also a very impressive Aloy Cosplay look at. This comes from the cladding artist "Worldofgwendana" and is worth seeing for several reasons.

Great cosplay from Aloy from Horizon

The Cosplayerin is a well-known trailer of Aloy and had set itself the task of producing the most original costume. After numerous working hours , she has now presented her work on several photos that mightily staggered every horizon fan from joy. In the production of the costume, the cladding artist let great attention to detail. Alone already the armor sees the role model amazingly similar to the games. But the cosplayer is still very deeper with her Aloy panel .

IT'S ACTUALLY SCARY HOW STRONG ALOY IS | GENSHIN IMPACT That ranges from the striking headband, over the long red hair splendor to many lovingly prepared accessories like an arrow quiver and much more. Even on the bow with the ornaments as well as a suitable background for the photo shoot, she has thought. At the sight of the pictures is certainly the desire for many fans immediately to play a round Horizons: Forbidden West .

Additional gaming cosplays to amazement

If you can not get enough of panels of this kind, we recommend that you some more cosplay based on well-known gaming marks. Among other things, Tifa from Final Fantasy 7, Samus Aran from Metroid and Ellie from The Last of US 2 would be mentioned. In addition, Witcher Cosplay continues to be very high in the course.

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