HERAF and the uncertainty at TürkGücü

As a referee Mitja Stegemann the game of stocking and thus the 0: 1 defeat of TurkGücü München sealed against the TSV Havelse, Andreas Heraf sat with a petrified expression on his chair in the Olympic Stadium. In his first second compulsory game as a coach of the Munich he had to look at how his team against the table deadline lost, as they could not achieve their own goal against the second-time defensive of the league and thus deeper into the relegation battle device.

For ten games, Turkhücü is now without his own victory. For Heraf was therefore clear: "Also a 0-0 did not help us." Against Havelse, the Munich should finally have reason to cheer once again, but "if you do not use two, three hundred percent chances, that's at some point."

HERAF crigits the attitude, but understands the uncertainty of his players

Albion Vrenezi, Sercan Sararer, Paterson Chato - They all had high-profile opportunities before the counterplay, but failed at the glossy TSV Keeper Norman. "Then we get the unnecessary goaly and lose a game we should never lose," Herau said at "Magenta Sport".

The coach annoyed because he had not had the impression that his players would run the way for the other after the residue, and added: "Everyone has to question themselves." But not only athletic is the location at TurkGücü currently precarious: speculation about a upcoming insolvency registration are in the room.

The difficult situation - even for his players - HERAF is aware: "You have not won since October and do not know how it continues in the club. Since the uncertainty is of course great and you can not realize that one or the other does not notice one or the other in the head There is where we would like him. " As an excuse, HERAF does not want to be considered: "We have built this itself."

Havelse Coach Ziehl: "Significant reaction after the game against Wiesbaden"

Four points behind Turkish cu is ranked the TSV Havelse - still as a table in the last, but with a new courage that the league can still succeed. Rüdiger Ziehl, the coach of the Havelser, spoke of a "significant reaction after the weaker game against Wiesbaden at home." With 0: 1, the game was lost during the week from the point of view of the Havelser. "I'm just glad we won the morality today."

VfL Osnabrück - Türkgücü München | Highlights 3. Liga 21/22

Great share of victory was quite in the gate of TSV, who made several large opportunities of the Munich. "I am pleased that today I have a good performance today and could help the boys," says the 25-year-old final man who stayed without goal at the fifth time in the current season.


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