GTA Online: Scrapcarrow lets veterans in memories

Not only the singleplayer mode of GTA 5 is full of Easter Eggs and allusions, even in online mode, players can discover various pop cultural references. One of them even holds a special vehicle ready to remember many veterans well.

GTA players are reminiscent of legendary car

Already at the starting signal from GTA Online stood the players an incredibly large selection of cars available, which they could buy or steal. With the years, the collection has been steadily expanded and has grown to an amazingly large fleet.

But on Reddit, some GTA veterans are reminiscent of a very special car, which is part of an Easter Egg: The Doclasse Tornado of Thelma and Louise .

The scraped coupe is a unique model , which the players can only sack when they trigger the Easter Egg and then stop the driver from driving by car from the cliff.

Many veterans remember in the comments of the reddit post on how they have secured the scrap cart years ago and what difficulties they have prepared for them. Other players who did not know this scene yet, but ask, how they can start the event .

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So you come to the special car

To start the Event in Single or Multiplayer mode of GTA 5, you must between 19:00 and 20:00 (Ingame time) to go to the location marked on the map in the northwest and look for Keep some police cars.

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If you have done everything right, you can track the followed film scene on one of the cliffs. To secure the car, you are the best from a distance of your sniper rifle and turns off the driver . Then call Lester to set your search level to zero. Then you can easily grab the car to drive to a garage, install a tracker and complete the full comprehensive insurance - done! The car is now one of you.

ขอเชิญรับชม สืบสานศิลปะลิเกไทย ใน GTAV ROLEPLAY แสดงโดยคณะวรรณยุกต์ๆๆ(เสียงเอคโค่) #GTA #KKTown Optical changes can not be made on the unique rust trail - and improvements in the driving characteristics are locked - but you are in possession of a unique car in GTA Online and GTA 5.


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