Wow: The 3 best classes for beginners and returnees

The entry world of Warcraft can be difficult. We tell you which class is perfect to dare to get started in Zeroth.

World of Warcraft, with its 12 classes and 46 specializations a fairly wide range of options of how to immerse yourself in Zeroth. But what class you should choose as a freshman?

We introduce you to three classes that are perfect for those new to World of Warcraft, so you have an easy start in the 2022nd

Update: The article is originally from the year 2021. We have aktualisiert. him at the start of 2022

Corbyn plays for over 16 years and World of Warcraft has it spent so many hours in Zeroth that you may not even want to know exactly the exact number. 8 years of which are already written for Mango article.

Over time was back and hergewechselt between different classes and played in both the Horde and the Alliance for so Corbyn comprehensive insight into the whole game has. Only not discussed with Corbyn about the lore. That's wrong.

Paladin — The all-rounder

For whom the Paladin is The Paladin is suitable for the undecided who do not yet whether they will cause endgame healing, refueling or damage know — because the Paladin can all of it. With his plate armor and numerous defensive skills, he is a perennial fighter who can dish also furious at close range.

What can Paladins? Paladins have in World of Warcraft basically three different orientations, can specialize in. The Paladin can play all three roles that are necessary for a successful group. Among his best-known skills include the Divine Shield, which can make him immune for a few seconds to any damage.

Protection (Tank): Protection Paladin armed with a shield and a melee weapon to take the threat of the enemy upon himself so that the rest of the group can cause problems without damage. retaliation (loss): The Retribution Paladin draws on powerful melee attacks which give him Holy Power. Does he have enough accumulated it, he can use them for strong special attacks that really bang out a lot of damage? In addition to this, the rewarded, unlike many other melees, even very strong survival skills. Holy (Healing): in order to keep the healing Paladin must be MANA wisely use its allies alive. Unlike other healers of the Paladin is mostly to be found in close combat, combining attacks with healing in his group members.


Extremely resistant Strong self-healing Can fill each role


No ranged Options Limited People's choice

Demon Hunter Beginner Guide | Overview & Builds for ALL Specs (WoW Shadowlands) What races can be Paladin? Only a few people can be in World of Warcraft for Paladin. The alliance is significantly more than the Horde.

Alliance: Human, Dwarf, Light forged Troll Dark Iron Dwarf, Drained Horde: Lauren Kandahar Trolls, Blood Elves

You should play Paladin if: You want to play a versatile class that can meet virtually any role. Paladins are just popular because of their versatility in other players, as they can fill every space in a group and also really strong defensive capabilities for all allies there.

Hunter — Flexible killing machine

For whom is the hunter is? hunters in World of Warcraft quasi solo class par excellence. With a wild animal as a companion hunter can handle almost every quest alone and, thanks to various traps welcome high damage and various strengthening effects in groups. In addition, an additional collection aspect — because there are many rare and amazing animals in WoW that can be tamed by the hunter.

What can hunters? hunters in all its specializations pure damage classes and thus take care of it in a group that enemies quickly depart this life. At the same time, they can rely on a companion animal that is acting in solo play as a tank and pulls the threat of enemies on it.

Animal Degree (Damage): As the name can be guessed, animal rule hunters have specialized in their companions. The animals of this hunter are particularly powerful and cause a large part of the damage. Many skills reinforce the companions or even call additional wildlife, which then fall over the opponents as a whole herd. Marksmanship (damage): Markers Hunters are the snipers among the hunters and can do without a companion. From a large distance they cause massive damage and thus use a variety of different shots and skills. Whether in the individual target or group failure, the meeting hunter has a wide range of skills. Survival (damage): The Survival Hunter was largely revised a few years ago and has a special feature: he is a melee specialization. Instead of attacking a distance with bow or shotgun, the hunter goes here together with his wildlife on cloth sensitivity with the enemy to take him neat one neatly one close.


Perfect solo possibilities Three varied specializations Collectible wildlife as a companion


Only DPS specializations Hunters have a negative reputation as a bad player

Which peoples can become hunters? With the hunters you have a huge selection of possible peoples. Because all playable species on Zeroth can become hunters.

Alliance: Human, void, dwarf, fell backed Drained, Night Elf, Dark Iron Dwarf, Gnome, Lula Tirane, Drained, Mecca Gnome, Worsen, Pandas Horde: Orc, Night born, Undead, Goldberg Lauren, Lauren, Mag'harbor, Troll, Kandahar Troll, Blood Elves, Gulper, Goblins, Pandas

You should play hunters when: you want to have a class that can handle pretty much every challenge in alone. Even collectors of animals come here at their expense. But Attention: Hunters have a negative reputation for 15 years that many of them have bad players — but maybe you all convinced the opposite?

Demon Hunter — Simple, but cool class

For whom is the demon hunter? The demon hunter, especially in its DPS variant, is particularly suitable for players who are quickly overwhelmed by too many skills or quickly feel unpleasant performance pressure in groups. Although most players can distinguish a bad of a good demon hunter, the demon hunter has a pretty flat learning curve and achieves solid results even in suboptimally played condition.

Demon hunters have the opportunity to accept a demon shape for a short time, with which they can proceed more effectively. You can exercise a double jump and even slide.

But attention: In order to create a demon fighter, you must first level any other character at level 10, only then the Demon Hunter is unlocked. However, unlocking is likely to take longer than a smug for newcomers.

What can demon hunters? Demon hunters are the only class in World of Warcraft, which only has two specializations. Although they have less choice than all other classes in WoW, they are at the same time focused on fewer skills and thus clearly than other classes.

Facility (Tank): Racialism Demon Hunter jump into the group of enemies first to bind them with glowing seals. In doing so, they use the forces of their inner demon to tackle with armored stalks or to damage the enemies in addition to a Feuerbrandaura. The tank demon hunters are extremely mobile and can benefit from them in many places. Devastation (damage): Devastation Demon Hunters are known mainly for their devastating eye steel, destroying entire enemy groups in seconds. But even offside it on fast attacks, which in many cases damage large groups of opponents at the same time. Their high mobility makes it easy to disappear from dangerous areas and escape death.


Easy for beginners Cool gimmicks like gliding and double jump Very cool optics


Only 2 specializations Only 1 people per faction to choose from

Which peoples can become demon hunters? Demon hunters are extremely limited, regarding the selection of a people.

Alliance: night elves Horde: Blood Elves

You should play demon hunters when: want to play a class that is very easy to learn and just fun. Demon hunters are very mobile, storms from enemy to enemy and only have to focus on a few skills. In addition, they survive every fall as they can slide — extremely useful in many situations.

Play what you like: Last End are this only recommendations here. Many classes in World of Warcraft even differ from specialization to specialization extremely different, so that you should try something quiet in the beginning. Reinstalled, however, that most classes are complete only later. Skills are added in the course of the Level phase. A class that is still boring at level 8 can be extremely demanding at level 60 and make a lot of fun. Which class would your newcomers be the heart and why?


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