With 2.8 million yakuza games run on PC, the multi-strategy strategy

A recent presentation of SEGA's results, held on December 14 and the report has just been published, reports good sales of Yakuza PC games and growing popularity for the license.

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It's because of the growth of affected users, since we started supporting the PC platform with this series from the third quarter of the 2019 fiscal year, we recorded a fairly strong sales result with unit sales of about 2, 80 million units around the world. Can we read in this meeting, detailing the performance of the flagship licenses operated by SEGA. Yakuza is thus a very good student, since the series now has a total of 17 million games sold around the world, including 2.8 million on PC and 14.2 million on consoles. Figures that encompass the canonical series and its spin-offs judgment and Lost Judgment.

The multi-platform strategy initiated by SEGA seems to have borne fruit for the License of BYU Ga Gook Studio, whose popularity continues to grow since the exit of Yakuza Miami, the remake of the first pane on Sony and Microsoft Consoles but also On PC, and offered a second wind to the series. The SEGA report also mentions a very good launch for Lost Judgment, including sales in Europe and North America are 76% faster than those of the first component. A success that Sega explains by a global launch, where the first Judgment had reached more than six months behind the Japanese exit.


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