PS plus February 2022: These games want fans for PS4 / PS5, what are you hoping for?

The PS Plus Month 2022 stands and many fans give themselves as usual speculation, which could probably jump out for us for PS4 and PS5 games. This time, in view of the early launch of Dying Light 2, many hope for the predecessors, but also some old known diving here again. Uncharted: Lost Legacy or to Remaster to Tony Hawk's 1 + 2 are as often high on the wish list.

However, as always, we also want to know about you, the Game pro Community, which games you wish you. What do you hop this month, what do you think about realistic?

Hope many PS plus subscriber inside: Dead Cells

Dead Cells has been developing in the time since release from the insider tip to an extremely extensive and popular Rogue lite Metroidvania. Of course, this is not only due to the LCS, which expand the challenging action titles full of hard struggles, but also on the very stable and fun foundation. As the Genre mix has beaten to the launch, you can read in our Gamer test at Dead Cells.

Here you can do the trailer to Dead Cells to be guilty:

These PS4 and PS5 games want fans else for PS plus in February 2022

Soon, Dying Light 2 appears and that of many fans, of course, awakens the hope of getting the first part as a bonus game at PS Plus. How realistic that is, is of course on another leaf. What also applies to some other wishes of the community, which were often mentioned in connection with the PS plus month February 2022: For example, Senior: Shadows the TWICE or DMC 5 in the Special Edition for PS5.

Significantly more realistic predictions rotate around the following titles, which are also quite often called by PS Plus subscriber inwards:

  • Marvel's Avengers
  • The Hunter: Call of the Wild
  • The Order 1886
  • Destroy All Humans
  • Aliens: Fire team Elite

When will the PS plus games be officially announced for February 2022?

Mostly, the PS plus games will be announced on the last Wednesday of the previous month and then published on the first Tuesday of the actual month. Of course, this can still change and are by no means official dates.

  • Expected appointment: 26. January (Wednesday)
  • Expected time: at 17:30 (German time)
  • Expected publication: 1. February (Tuesday)

If you have completed a paid PS plus subscription, you do not have to pay extra to download the bonus games. If you do not have a PS plus subscription, you can read everything about Sony's comprehensive online service in our great Gamer overview.

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PS plus February 2022: Announcement seam - these are date and time


Are there already rumors or Leaks to the PlayStation Plus games in February?

No, not yet. In the last two months, however, the game lineups of the PS Plus bonus title are quite early enough. Of course, that could lead this month, but so far we do not know about it. If that change, you will find the information of course as usual on Game pro.

Now the Gamer Community is required: Which PS plus games do you want yourself for February 2022 and why?


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