Microsoft has been producing Xbox One since the end of 2020

The Xbox One has been able to inspire many players and Microsoft fans since their release on November 22, 2013, thanks to titles such as Fora Horizon in their spelling and through the Game Pass for small money with a mighty bid of various games Keep at the bar. But now the Xbox Series S and X is the new pike horse of Microsoft and the Xbox One disappears from the screen.

The console of the last generation is still available normally commercially available, but there will be no longer . Because the production The Xbox One has long been set officially set and since the end of 2020. New consoles have been no longer produced for quite some time.

The handover of the Xbox graduation rod: from One to Series

This betrayed Cindy Walker , Senior Director of Xbox Console Product Marketing, opposite the magazine The Verge: To focus us on the production of Xbox Series X and S, we had the production of all Xbox One consoles set until the end of 2020.

The reason for the production stop is obviously as banal as logical: as soon as the subsequent console is pending, and you want to support it with all the strength and to bring it to the players, you have to concentrate his resources of course. So a seamless transition was created, because shortly before the production stop of the Xbox One finally appeared the Xbox Series.

But even if the sold as cut bread, so thanks to pandemic and chip deficiency the console production is currently clearly limited. Even the Intel boss predicted recently that one had to work until 2023 with such difficulties. Sony reacted accordingly and want to counteract the PlayStation 5 scarcity with higher PlayStation 4 production.


For Microsoft, the does not seem to have been Option : Instead of releasing the Xbox Series, resources to waste the predecessor console, you wanted to put everything on the new hobbyhorse . As the current sales figures show, that does not seem to have been the worst idea.


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