The Witcher Season 2: Geralt should speak less grunts and more

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In the Netflix series The Witcher, Gerald of Rival (Henry Cavils) is extremely word cart. Often we hear only a kind of hemp and fuck of him. But that should change with the second season, which soon starts. In it, the Witcher probably speaks significantly more, blunts and scolds less. He should generally open more, intellectual work and have to deal with his role as a father and relationships with other people.

The Witcher: In the second season, Gerald more speaks and scolds less

Season 2 comes soon! It does not take long: On the 17th of December, Netflix publishes the second season of The Witcher series. Fans have been waiting for the sequel for the surprise success fairly for exactly two years, and now it is finally continuing with the story around Gerald, Cirri, Jennifer and Co. But there also a lot of things. See here a trailer:

Less foundation: In the first season, Gerald has given a particularly one of themselves — a stunted Hemp. Although that fits almost all occasions, but the Witcher does not necessarily have a real intellectual work. But he is actually quite well. From that we have to do here with an over 70-year-old scholar, we should finally remember in Season 2 more.

In an interview with the SFX magazine (via: GamesRadar), actor Henry Cavils explains, he tried to let Gerald fewer grunts and curses. He should use a clearly developed vocabulary in Season 2, not so often use swim words and talk much more. The Witcher actor worked hard.

For this season I really wanted to push, secure that he is worrying. There is always the risk that a character becomes a bit of cliché and only funky when we grunt him and let the F-word say.

The Witcher Season 2 - Henry Cavill on sword fighting & the similarities between Geralt & Superman That will not just do not meet the submission of Andrew Minkowski. That's why we can take a Witcher who has more to say.

In the same horn, the showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hiss rich also encounters. It puts the focus on the changes that largely lives through in the second season. While he still believes in the first season, no other people need, he suddenly faced with Cirri and other connections in Season 2 confronted with empathy and heat.

More about the Netflix series:

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Netflix brings the second season of The Witcher series on 17 December into its own streaming program. But of course there are still the games: Many wait, for example, on the next or now yes Current Gen version of The Witcher 3, which will appear at the beginning of 2022 for PS5 and Xbox Series S / X at some point. Most recently there was evidence that The Witcher 4 may receive multiplayer elements, just like cyberpunk 2077.

How do you find a new, talkative and intellectual straight from Rival in the Netflix series?


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