The new CrossFirex trailer unveiled at TGA 2021 and will be launched on February 10

CrossfireX - Official Release Date Trailer | Game Awards 2021

Crossfire's last trailer has just been published by Smile gate Entertainment at the Game Awards this year. The first multiplayer shooting game will arrive at Xbox Series X / S on February 10. The newly shared trailer gives fans a glimpse of the game's solo campaign.

This is certainly the announcement that Crossfire fans have been waiting for a long time. Oratorical, mercenaries, terminated developers on social networks a few days ago. Transmission of the blacklist intercepted... decryption...

Last July, the Executive producer BOO revealed to the community of players that fans can expect the title to be launched in the nearby future. In the Jargon of the Games, this translates into the first quarter of 2022. Crossfire fans are happy to hear that he will be officially launched on February 10.

Crossfire will have two solo campaign operations that have been developed by the developers of Alan Wake, Remedy Entertainment. According to previous reports, the game will operate on North light Engine from Remedy. This means that it will look reasonably clear.

In Crossfire, players will be able to take part in a testicular global conflict between Black List and Global Risk. These are two of the most formidable private military factions of the Crossfire series. The players joining the Global Risk faction will have to use advanced technology to fight for order and security in the legendary world of franchise. The players of the blacklist, meanwhile, will fight to disrupt their efforts.

The solo modes of the game, namely OPERATION SPECTER and OPERATION CATALYST, both will be available at the official launch of the game with the public. It will also bring a complete suite of various free multiplayer modes to new generation Xbox consoles. Crossfire fans are delighted that developers will soon reveal more information about the game.

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