Thanks to Dark Souls our WG has learned again

I could have no better roommates. We laugh about the same memes, harmonize politically, our musical taste overlaps largely, and video games connect us. But about two years of pandemie-stringed on one another, even the most durable relationship can be crumbled. Luckily, there is the SoulS borne series. Thanks to her, we have recently been closer than ever.

From conscience to Souls Date

The crucial for this was my plan to fill the December with dark souls. I played it several times, but every attempt ended after a few hours. Gear attempts with Senior were similar. I lacked the patience. In the last few months, a thought in the last few months, I would only have to summon the teeth once, then the franchise would open safely. Finally, Souls Inspiration ICO my favorite game.

I told one of my roommates, Julian, from my idea. He has not played a Souls borne title so far, but his smile told me: Horny thing. Dark Souls: Remastered briefly landed in his Steam library, we had a community project. Even if it did not start as planned.

Erik Grains @ snoopykoira

Finally, have finished a soul borne title, is a colossal personal triumph. The mental load is gone and at the same time I want to work out the rest of the row as soon as possible. But even more beautiful is the strengthened bond of our WE, which has brought us the games.

Although Julian remained in his choice, but I preferred the Demon's Souls Remake, thanks to a non-viable Black Friday offer. Finally, the choice of the Souls borne offshoot should be the same for my soul for my soul only some part. Julian did not seem to bother that, he was enough for the anticipation of the Ultimate Game of All Time.

as before on the schoolyard

Meanwhile, we have only a conversation subject: Souls borne. Already at breakfast, mutual reports revive about progress, achievements and failures the kitchen. My second roommate, Tom, does not play, listen and looks to us, in his words, like a proud father from the sideline. He already has Blood borne, Senior and Dark Souls 3 under his belt.

Julian's questions I can answer thanks to the encyclopedic knowledge, which I sucked through the many years of consumption of Dark-Souls-Speedruns. Tom supplies us with cross-game wisdom, how fast roles is more important than high armor values. It's like on the schoolyard. Only we do not speculate whether Mew hides under a truck, but navigate us with the monitor of grass cladding or through the tower of Latvia with the monitor.

Also emotional support we give ourselves. When Julian reached the notorious Boss-Duo Bernstein and Slough, Tom and I stood with crossed arms and an Energy drink in his hand behind him. After every death, we massaged him with encouraging words, reminded him during the fight to stay calm. The same did Tom and Julian for me when I desperate on the flame-curable boss fight. Accordingly, according to the home was Let's go! When we finally won.

One (hopefully) tear-resistant love

Meanwhile, I did Demon's soul, a new character in Dark Soul's created, and I'm already in any previous start. The souls borne spark is finally skipped. While I write these lines, Julian rolls and fenced through the last few meters of the Arterial of the Abyss LCS; After that, only the final boss must conquer, Gwyn, Lord of the Sunders. Tom's paternal pride on our rapid progress does not leave away.

The end of our unusual love story is not in sight. Julian and I want to start Dark Souls 3 in January, Elder Ring Let's play third in February. A pleasant consolation, which will hopefully wear us through the upcoming pandememonates.

Thank You (Again), Dark Souls

Have you been able to make similar experiences with the souls borne games? Or have other games welded up and your friend together?


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