Patrik Schick first Bundesliga

Patrick Schick (born January 24, 1996, in Prague) is a Czech footballer. The striker began his job at the two Prague clubs Sparta and also Bohemians 1905. In 2016, he hosted likely to Italy at the age of 20 and also played there for Amphora Genoa as well as the As Rome. After a 1-year lending to Germany to RB Leipzig, he relocated from the Roma to Leipzig's Limaçon rivals Bayer 04 Leverkusen. Schick has been energetic since 2011 in the choices of the Czech Organization. In 2016, he concerned his debut for the A choice prior to altering abroad.

That Patrick Schick at all plays, was not necessarily noticeable after 45 minutes. I did not even shoot the gate, said the Czech after the game on the Sky microphone.

Crazy 8 Goal Game in Leverkusen! | Patrik Schick with 4 Goals

His colleagues have already achieved three goals until then, he has always prepared 3: 1. But there was not yet for the fact that the 25-year-old would still work in this game historical. Within 27 minutes, chic scored four goals in the second passage and screwed the result due to its sailor hits nine to twelve to 7: 1 — the highest home win of Leverkusen history.

The scoreboard in the Arena filled itself very one-sided. Imago Images / Horstmüller

My teammates have me brilliantly served

It's like a ketchup bottle: first nothing comes and after the first goal then everything suddenly, says Schick, who made for another record: he is the first four-packer for the Herself — even if he after the game Above all, referred to his teammates: My teammates have served me brilliant, so I did not really have problems.

In fact, the truth also believes that Fourths once again did not present Bundesliga-appreciably and has the shamrock, as chic himself, has something abandoned.

Bayer should not care, but the Sloane team has thoroughly strengthened by the victory three and keep an eye on the table-top. With five threes from the most recent six competitive games, Leverkusen should also appear in the coming weeks with a broad breast. First, a certain Czech four-person packer.


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