New World announces change to the equipment for 2022 and reaps a shitstorm

New World hat announced another changes to the equipment system. But what to come 2022 is negatively seen by many fans. They fear that it could especially kill trading and crafting.

How does the equipment? In Patch 1.2, which should appear in December, the Watermark system will be revised. This is a special system in New World, in which your equipment realizes what the highest drop was previously:

The longer you have no drop with a higher armor, the higher the chance will upgrade. As soon as it was there, she gets weaker Gear first until she rises again and reaches the next Watermark. However, the Watermark is only increased by drops and chests. Located equipment, no matter which level she has, does not affect. From December you will be able to see exactly in the inventory, how high your Watermark is, which also bears the name competence from then on.

So far, this system has only influenced Drops. Who gets an object with the arms value 600 directly over the crafting or trading post, has a maximum item immediately. But exactly that should change 2022.

How does the change look like? As the developer has revealed IN RAM in the forum, competence will take effect on the strength of your equipment in the future, regardless of the armor:

In December Update, competence will determine the highest drops obtained per slot, similar to the Watermark system. But from the beginning of 2022, it will [the competence] also determine the effectiveness of your equipment. That is, if your war hammer expertise is 520, and it is equipped with a war hammer with 550 arms value, the effective armor of the weapon is reduced to 520.

We understand that this can lead to a temporary reduction in strength for some players, but we believe that this will lead to a more profitable progress loop in the long term, which can not be bypassed by the purchase of equipment in the trading post.

IN RAM in the forum of New World

But this announcement is not good for many players. You have opened several posts on reddit and in the forum and protest against this change.

What is there crafting for?

How do players react? A big criticism is especially the crafting for many players, which could be made useless.

Shit storm

Because if you make an item with the armor 600, but did not give your competence, then you wear an item that is much weaker.

The Reddit user Jerizzle23 just asks: What is there in general crafting? And gets a lot of encouragement. With over 1,400 up votes, this is the most popular comment on the topic (via Reddit). Metawaterpirit even continues in the answers and wondering that developers crafting are constantly worsening. Only with the large update 1.1, the XP were set significantly up to the levels. The materials that drop for crafting from chests were also reduced in October. The user Pretend-Challenge380 is furious: I spent hundreds of hours to improve my crafting to produce good weapons because they made the EVE so stupidly boring. Now they spit me in the face.

Other users do not disturb the crafting, but at the Grinding Aspect. Because players are forced to increase their expertise instead of playing as they want. Some grinds such as faction missions or city missions to come to brands and gold. You buy equipment at the dealer or just in the trading post.

The user TSP ACH writes in the forum about: How can one think so much a nonsense? If you do not need to put or buy weapons and equipments with high GS more to the AH, everything will be devalued accordingly, unless you have a high GS.

In addition, the developers have recently slowed with hidden changes the farms of elite mobs. Now, the players will indirectly forced to grind exactly these mobs.

Although the players are offered a new mechanics with the plaster, which you can specifically increase the competence of an object, but it hides behind a time window. You can only collect a certain number of gypsum, then there is a 23-hour timer. Only then there are gypsum again. This aspect also encourages some players negatively.

Players can not buy strength, but they need to meet

Are there any positive voices? Yes, the user Indica has created a thread and said that the change is great. He justifies the change that players can not simply buy strength, but need to whirl like everyone else:

This [the change] is urgently needed. Many of us spent over 800+ hours in this game, and we have brought much of our Watermarks for maximum, and the other players could literally easily reach 60 and buy the strength we got over the grind?

How can this be fair, the whole sense of Grind was, that I have more strength through the time I invested more strength than the rest, as in any other MMO too. Through this change, people now have to go through the same grind to come to where we are now.

I think this is a giving for the game as a whole, and I personally love gypsum, as it should be like Wow Dailies, a fun for casual players.

Indica Via New World Forum

However, the negative reactions outweigh the update. Almost all the latest 30 forum threads turn around the topic and as good as everyone are negative. Also on reddit, many users have announced in threads that they will leave the game when publishing this change.

What do you say about the changes? Do you also find them so bad or exaggerate many players right now? Is such a change a reason to completely leave New World?


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