Lewandowski clearly introduces: Messis Speech touched me very much

Robert Lewandowski Slams Leo Messi My statement I made in an interview with a Polish TV channel is currently being misinterpreted, it said in a statement of Lewandowski, which reached the Lewandowski. I never wanted to express that the words of Lionel Messi are not sincere or serious, shares the center forces of the FC Bayern and Captain of the Polish national team. Quite on the contrary, he emphasizes, talking about Lionel Messi at the event in Paris, in which he expressed that I had earned the balloon d'Or 2020 in his opinion, myself touched me and was very pleased My statement I just wanted to express that of course it would be very happy if Messi's words would be heard.

Finally, Lewandowski, who has received the second-way votes in this year's choice to the balloon d'Or behind Messi: I respect and appreciate Lionel Messi about the dimensions and congratulate him again to win the balloon d'Or 2021.

Recordgewinner Messi, who got this coveted trophy for the seventh time, has said at the Gala in Paris in his official speech towards the Lewandowski sitting in the first row, who had received at least the consolation prize as the best scorer, said, It's an honor fight against Lewandowski. Everyone knows that you were the winner last year. I find France Football should give you the price for 2020. You deserve him.


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