FIFA: Mbappé is top

2021 The end is coming to an end, two weeks of the year remain over. Reason enough for EA to present some in-game statistics and to show preferences of its community. In the two FIFA titles of the year — FIFA 21 and FIFA 22 — one club seems to be particularly popular: Paris Saint-Germain is the most played team 2021.

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Matching the most played match looks at the duel between PSG and the FC Liverpool — the wishful finish in the Champions League in the opinion of the FIFA fans is therefore fixed. In addition, the top scorer of the FIFA year 2021 fits in the pattern: Dylan Mbappé has most often set on the virtual lawn.

The Greatest player growth in Europe

In principle, 2021 whopping 9.7 billion games were denied, the FIFA players achieved 22.3 billion goals — on average, almost 2.23 results per game were fell. FIFA was also little surprisingly next to the Battle-Royale game Apex Legends the most popular EA franchise of the outgoing year.

The two titles are likely to be responsible for most of the growth in the California company in reversal: in Europe, EA recorded a 30% increase in player numbers. Concerning the USA with 25 percent, Asia and the Pacific area (22.5 percent) and southern and Latin America (15.7 percent) Let gen also follow.

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