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For several days, Bundesliga relegated Schalke 04 needed to superior to a viewer concept for the last home game of the calendar year 2021, reacting to the current Corona Protection Ordinance of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia of the last week. On Monday, the club announced this concept.

What The Hell Happened To Schalke 04? According to the last onward-force Regulation of the State NRW, a maximum of 15,000 spectators for the home game next Friday (from 18:30 clock) against the 1st FC Nuremberg are currently admitted to Schalke.

In order to come to the most equitable distribution of these 15,000 tickets for the game against the friendly club, the FC Schalke initially disabled all-season tickets. In a new award procedure, the S04 fans can now apply for the tickets for the tickets until next Tuesday night.

Which is not likely to taste a majority of the Schalke season ticket owners: whether they can now pursue the second division game against Nuremberg on Friday evening in the stadium on-site or not, the money for the game, which in the run-up to the season in the course of the season ticket Acquisition was paid, is gone.

The FC Schalke 04 will not be able to offer single refund, as the organizational effort should not be able to cope with and the financial costs (u.A. transfer fees) would be great, the FC Schalke informed about its club hot page.

For the season ticket holder, this inevitably means that they have to pay twice to pursue the encounter against the 1st FC Nuremberg in the Veltins-Arena.

FC Schalke gives to: Seasoning cardholder must pay twice

As the Gelsenkirchen Club informed further, he hopes to meet his followers: The club is aware that this for seasonal holders who want to be against Nuremberg in the Veltins-Arena means that they have to pay virtually twice. From the top The reasons mentioned is unfortunately not otherwise possible. The S04 asks for understanding for this decision, it said in the message.

After all, the royal blue in writing acknowledged its trusted supporters that the cost issue could be revalued again after the current season: The S04 will take place at the end of the season 2021/2022, if foreseeable how many games take place under these restrictions had to go, collected on the season ticket owners.


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