Estimation says: New World has sold better in 2 months, as GW2 and ESO since Release

New Worldfeilten to Release a great success with almost a million simultaneous players. But how many people have bought a total of New World? The website Steamy provides an approximate assessment.

How well has New World sold? Official numbers from Amazon do not exist. According to the website Steam spy, however, about 34 million accounts should own on Steam New World. For free users, a range of 20 to 50 million players is displayed (via Steam spy).

This would include New World to the games with most owners at steam, about the level of GTA 5, Rust and Garry's Mod.

How exactly are the numbers of STEAMY? STEAMY evaluates by own data millions of data on Steam to predict the numbers. However, these data should be quite accurate.

The website Games spoke in 2017 with several developers about these numbers and concludes that they are not completely correct, but usually deviate only by about 10% (via games). In 2018, however, there were changes to the privacy settings at Steam, which the numbers should make something inaccurate. Steam spy himself says that the statistics should be accurate for 98% of the games. 2% of the games should have incorrect data. In addition, they warn against falsified results by Free Weeks or other events.

Something unclear is whether the Open Beta from New World flows into the data, because only closed tests are excluded from Steam spy, as they do not appear on the web API. However, the Open Beta merely had a peak of 50,000 players and also a separate games ID, so websites such as Steam DB and Steam charts can separate both games.

New World has probably more created accounts than ESO and GW2 since Release

What do the numbers mean exactly? Should the numbers of Steam spy be correct, New World would make many of the other MMORPGs clearly in the shadows:

At the beginning of 2021, there was a total of just under 18 million Create Accounts at ESO. It is unclear here, however, whether players from a Free Week, which takes place again and again, also count. Guild Wars 2 last in the summer of 2021 something to the player's figures said. This has been created since 25 million accounts since release (VIA GW2). Here are the Free2Play accounts but with pure. Final Fantasy XIV is expected to obsess 24 million created accounts in October of this year (Via Play3). Again, the free accounts are very likely to be in the same since a change in summer 2020.

Why are the number of players on Steam then so low? Do not necessarily do that. Because the numbers at STEAM and Co. are snapshots of the simultaneous players. So, if 931,000 players were online at the same time, there have been a few minutes later over a million different players, just more players have become logged in.

For more than 24 hours and also distributed over days, many more different players are involved when you first think.

With 136,887 simultaneous players on December 1, New World still managed to the top 5 on Steam.

What are other estimates for New World? The website INSIGHT also deals with the analysis of games on Steam. Here, as the basis, the number of reviews and these are extrapolated on the total purchases. The reviews are to be multiplied by 77 and then generate proper numbers in about 80% of cases.

However, INSIGHT goes from New World from 4 to 12.1 million sales (via INSIGHT). With 175,000 Reviews, New World has relatively few reviews. Rust comes about 588,000 reviews, but in the all-time record only on 245,000 simultaneous players, most recently even only on a peak of just under 60,000 players.

Rust comes according to Steam spy to about 30 million buyers and according to Insight to 18 to 42 million. So it looks like the estimate for New World would be a bit too low from INSIGHT.

What do you say about the sales figures of New World? Would you have expected that you are so high?


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