Bayer Leverkusen: Lukas Hradecky criticized attitude

It was only played for 20 minutes and many things pointed to a resounding away win in Frankfurt at this time. But this bill had the factory without the harmony, which played in a noise after the 0: 2. But this was initiated by Bayer himself. It's going on that we collect a standard gate pretty quickly after the 2-0. From the time it was a disaster of us, we did not feel a duel more, Robert And rich criticized. DAZN. The standards, these are things where I say: everyone has his husband and everyone trying that his husband does not shoot a goal, but we invited the opponent.

Everyone has to wonder if he wanted to win today.

Lukas Radetzky

Keeper Lukas Radetzky also made the phase around the first goal for the collapse after returning to his old workplace. You have to be aggressive to have the luck on his side. There was less than from Frankfurt from our side. Maybe the 2-0 did not get to us. We have become too soft, no longer really went to the two-fighting and have Too big spaces left, the 32-year-old credited before he praises a praise to the opponent. Contract made a great game. So you can win against everyone.

One-Eyed Goalkeeper Hero - Lukas Hradecky Secures Win Against Lewandowski & Co. For the Leverkusen, however, it was with such a performance a thing of the impossibility to score. The plan, after halftime again more possession and control in the game to take over, failed. For Radetzky also a question of attitude: Everyone has to wonder if he wanted to win today. I did not feel that we were completely there. In the further course of the game, the eleven of Gerardo Sloane got no more foot on the floor and was at the end with the 2: 5 still well served.

Reparation against Cofferdam?

Already on Wednesday evening (20.30 clock, live! At game), there is the opportunity to compensate for domestic audience. We have to work up the game first. We do not have to look at Cofferdam yet, Obviously announced.


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