20km in the nuclear power plant, Pokémon Lucky Park Open in Fukushima

Pokémon Lucky, which gives happiness to Fukushima, Japan, was built with a motif. This park installation is part of a partnership for the purpose of the purpose of the purpose of the purpose of the Earthquake disaster revival and sightseeing promotion between Fukushima and Corporation.

Pokemon Celebrations Ultra Premium Collection - CZ opening!

This park is a park that was founded in the rest area in Fukushima Name, as a resting place in Japan, as a motif of the first Pokémon of Pokémon Lucky with a budget of about 17 million yen, This was installed. The name of the park is 'Lucky Park in Name', and on Name, where the park is located, the area is known as the Pokémon Source Taxi Satoshi.

Fukushima and Corporation Pokémon are partnered in February 2019 and held a variety of local programs. Lucky is working for the evidence of the earthquake disaster, such as using pink festivals and embracing peach festivals and emerging peach festivals, using pink, and emerging in Fukushima Pokémon GO photo events.

On the 12th Park Announcement, Mach Yeshiva Akihito, a huh, Yeshiva Cairo village, said, We will continue to try to think that they would like to live in a Lucky Park, Lucky Park, utilizing various tourism content, including Lucky Park.

Fukushima is the closest city to Name, with the closest city to the first nuclear power, and after the nuclear power plant in 2011, the refuge instructed in 2017. Lucky Park is also a straight line away from the nuclear power plant and is only 20 km away. After the instructions were released, the results of the survey that the indicator radioactivity is not safe, and the number of secondary and middle school students in 2021 was declined to about 2% of the year before Many Village Residents did not return.


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