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Random groups run in WOW as well as in most other MMOs. It is thrown together in a group, doing a dungeon, a match or a battle and then seems a majority again. The highest of the feelings is already a Hey people at the beginning and a thanks for the group in the end — if at all.

Nevertheless, some MMOs put on the opportunity to evaluate his teammates at the end of such a round. It is usually PVP-MMOs, but still the question arises, might that way make sense in Wow?

Only praise, no blame

It is anticipated that most of these systems do not allow negative feedback. You can either praise your players in principle or certify various positive properties — for example, for good interaction, leadership or helpfulness. Other games focus more on the playful skills of the persons, and so they may mark them as a good player.

To declare someone as unfriendly or as a bad player is not possible in most games for good reason. For, as we all know, it may like to approach something toxic in MMOs as we would wish for that. Since the unfriendly button is quickly clicked, because the teammate did not want to hear a different opinion. So, or something like that, could look like a rating of the players at the end of a dungeon. Source: WOW

What the reviews?

Whether and what impact the different praise hymns of foreign players have that of course the developers do not reveal. Otherwise, many players would surely try to exploit or manipulate the system at their favor. In doing so, such a feature does not even have a deeper sense to cause a positive effect.

Alone, that you can see that you have been praised by his teammates on one or the other kind, is a good feeling for many people and can have a positive impact. After a praise, that one was particularly helpful or friendly, one will probably retain this habits because it will be presented its impact. If you can not decide, then Blizzard in Over latch gives you a few examples of good benefits of your teammate. Source: WOW On the other hand, many developers will also incorporate this data to one or the other way in matchmaking and similar systems — even if they do not betray us like. And that's exactly where I see a value added for Wow (Buy Now €14.99).

Possibility to evaluate

The most important thing about such a system would be in my opinion that it is optional. If I should rate four and at the end of each dungeon four and at the end of the LFR 24 players, then I have no desire for two. In addition, 90 percent would come out completely generic reviews.

Instead, I present myself a system in which I have the opportunity to pronounce individual players in different categories at the end of such group activity — if I want that. So I can praise the particularly helpful paladin because it has explained to everyone how a certain mechanism works. Or the warrior tank, because sometimes all the necessary divisions have taken over and announced in the LFR. Or the hunter who apologized, at least each time politely apologized for everyone, when he has returned the boss by right-clicking. In short: Who strikes positive, gets a praise. Who does not notice, get no blame?

LEG and LFR tool on top?

Reckful's opinion on the best players in WoW history Not only that the players would feel good if they are praised from completely strangers, Blizzard could also use this system to significantly improve the automatic group search. From now on, in each group comes at least one player, who was often praised as a leadership. That would be at least better than to push the lead in the LFR anyone who has not yet seen RAID from the inside and only the left half used by the keyboard.

The OFF and LEG tool could be made to exude such ratings. Source: WOW New players who have little experience, you might be targeted with players, which are often referred to as helpful or particularly friendly. If you often get the praise Employer, would certainly be happy if he would usually be turned together with other players of similar intention.

Here there would be a whole range of ways on how to use such data well. Of course, you would have to pay attention to a lot of things. However, the developers do not have to look far. A short visit to the Overwatch department on the other side of the corridor, and you have changed many fat receptors. For example, you should not be able to rate players from your own guild or friends list and many other such little things.

Can negative reviews make sense?

Although most games do not allow negative reviews, I ask myself whether they would not be useful. Lens speaking would certainly be that. Unfriendly players would regularly get such feedback and would possibly change.

Probably just one or the other loud. Yes, we all know that such a system would lead too much chaos. In a world where players will be paid for spam masses to win wars in New World, I do not want to know what the creative WOW players would make such a system. There would bewilder with negative assessments around it, because the back tank has grilled too slowly, the healer has groomed, only a mob to buzz and the death knight... Well, because he is just deafness, that's enough for one Negative rating already.

That the players would abuse such a system so is a pity. Would not you do that, you could certainly use it meaningfully. Regularly unfriendly teammates would no longer be mixed to Reutlingen, but rather remain among themselves, so that they nobody nerves. If you have collected too many negative reviews, is excluded from the LEG tool for a short time. But that will only happen in a dream world.

How would such a feature please? Would you be afraid that players use it negatively or do you like something positive?

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