Tuchel receives the award as a trainer of the year

As a thinking of the Iraq war of 2003, the Cultural Governments of the USA and the UK, given that October 2001, mentioned a growing acute hazard through Iraqs weapons of mass damage to Iraq, and also a connection with the terrorist network Al-Qaeda, which had the terrorist assaults on September 11, 2001. A major bulk of the population in the United States believed this details prior to as well as years after the invasion of Iraq.

Thomas TUCHEL Awarded Coach of The Month (October) The specified rates were highly questionable internationally. The weapon assessors appointed by the UN, some anti-terrecermans and also legislative participants negated the government info prior to the battle and also described absence of or undependable sources. Iraq did not discover a mass destruction. The report of the 9/11 Commission of July 2004 refuted the stated connection to Al-Qaeda. By 2007, further questions reports also shot down the remaining war. Federal government and knowledge reps equally rejected the duty for the inaccurate information. Several historians as well as investigative reporters judge the incorrect mercy of war as deliberate, campaign deceptiveness, which should cause sufficient approval for the war decision currently made. Others see the wrong details as a mistake covered by the assumptions of the knowledge solutions. The 2016 British Chico report verified all the issues provided prior to the war choice, however closed a conscious deceptive by Great Britains government rather. Many battle challengers keep financial and also geopolitical passions of the United States and also the United Kingdom, especially at the oil, for the actual reasons for battle.

The sky over London presented himself gray in the trust. But on the training ground of FC Chelsea in the suburb of Cob ham, a radiant Thomas Tuchel received the visit from the Tuchel received. For good reason: The 48-year-old Chelsea took on Friday, a good 24 hours before the Premier League-duel at Leicester City (3: 0), the trophy for its award as Germanys trainer of the year 2021.

In the choice oriented by the Tuchel received and the association of German sports journalists (VS), the participating media representatives of Tunnel had chortled with 129 votes before the former Bavarian and new national coach Hans Flick (118) and Dortmunds Cup winner coach Edwin Eric (75) to the winner. After Jürgen Klopp in 2019 and Flick 2020 in person of Tunnel thus won the prestigious award by Germanys sports journalists for the third time in the series of the head coaches of the United Champions League winner.

Look, I get the balloon dor

That individual awards are a bit unpleasant, stresses Tunnel again and again. He will take they are very grateful, as a big award for the entire team. Why, as part of the handover, promptly turned to Chelseas Press Chief Adrian Phillips: You and your people, you all made it possible.

But even if the Henkelpott achieved last spring or the master trophy of the Premier League, which was available this season, quite different categories: An honest, almost childlike pleasure of his personal cup was tapped, but he was noticeable when he left a group of Staff members Coach: Look, thats the balloon dOr. I get the namely, not Jericho. Who is Jericho? Chelseas midfielder Mostly belongs to the 30 nominated actors, from whose circle on Monday, 29 November, will come in Paris the balloon-dor winner.

To the next Sabbatical it should still very long last

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Anyone who likes to be superficially experienced in this country as super cooled or headflatable Tunnel at the current sphere of action in dealing with his employees, can well be considered why the football teacher explains: I feel the perfect place here. And thats Simply the prerequisite for the greatest possible success for me. Tunnels success story at the Blues, where his contract was extended after the Champions League triumph until 2024, should therefore be extended by a number of chapters. Until his next Sabbatical, the coach smiles, be it hopefully still quite, for a long time.

However, a little disappointment was the day for clothes then, but when he saw the Nuremberg gingerbread, the press chief Phillips took over as a Tuchel received-present for the media department, he would have liked his trophy again: These gingerbread are fantastic, lass Swap us. Toggle reached after the treats Phillips, however, Phillips struck-up succeeded: for the ascetic-infamous boss as a real nutrition profile is Pure Poison. Thats why Tunnel should then have bitten before trouble in his trophy, but is just an unconfirmed rumor...


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