The Digital Foundry of YouTube disappears

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Digital Foundry, Popular Canal that is responsible for carrying out all types of technical analysis on video games and technology, suddenly disappeared from YouTube. This is, all the videos and content published by this medium are no longer available on the previously mentioned platform, and everything seems to indicate that someone sabotaged the channel. Here we tell you everything that is known so far.

Apparently, from the morning of this Tuesday November 9, the channel of Digital Foundry had been committed by a third party, and as a result of the actions taken by their owners, it seems that YouTube He decided to deactivate it automatically while resolving this situation. At the moment, Digital Foundry has only shared the following in Social Networks:

Yes, we are aware that the YouTube channel of Digital Foundry disappeared — is probably due to an automatic response to today s hacking. We are already investigating and we will solve it.

And yes, search Digital Foundry at YouTube no longer shows the channel and obviously none of your videos. If you manage to get to the league of them, you will be received with the following screen:

It is unknown exactly what will happen to the channel once it returns to the hands of Richard Lead better and company, but it sounds like something unlikely to go to completely disappear along with all its contents.

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Editor s note: I can not imagine how decelerating it should be for the people of Digital Foundry that your channel is missing from YouTube. We do not know if he will return to normal, or if they will lose the channel forever, but I imagine that this would be a pretty drastic measure so with luck everything will end well.


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