SF Fantasy RPG sequel ELEX II new trailer release-introduces the five possible factions

THE Nordic GmbH (up until 2016 Nordic Gaming GmbH) is an Austrian computer system games Publisher based in Vienna. The business is component of the Swedish Embrace Group, which was called by 2019 THE Nordic, and emerged from the purchase of the bankrupt author WOOD.

THE NORDIC has released a trailer that focused on the faction of the open world action RPG ALEX II, which is scheduled to be released on March 1, 2022 in Piranha Bytes development.

In order to protect the land of Malakand, a new threat that is a new threat to the previous, this video starts with the message that each faction will be conflicting, and this video that starts with the previous work, the jacks who are the protagonist will continue to Five factions that can be selected are introduced.

5 Things Elex Does Better than Skyrim & The Witcher 3 Five factions that can optionally choose affiliation

Albs can optionally be affiliated as a commander as a commander. Jacks in the previous work defeat the hybrid and then significantly reduce resource ALEX utilization.

Cleric is characterized by manufacturing a combat robot that uses Alex as a power source. It is transmitted that major damage occurred in the battle with Alb.

Berserker is a magician group that handles various spells using ALEX. Changing Tatars that were in the desert into a lush area and set up an outpost at the former base of Outgrow.

Outgrow is currently scattered around Catalan. When Tatar was occupied, those who have joined Berserker and those who have continued crime in the areas of Athens are present.

Mormon is a new faction, and when meteorites collided in Malagarland, a population that lived in the underground tunnel network. Currently, it is said that he wides out its religion throughout Malakand and waver.

Alex II, which is considered to have its own weapons and skills for each fabric, for PC / PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series | S / Xbox One, Japan to Japanese, January 1, 2022, It will be released for the purpose.


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