Revelation of the legacy of Hogwarts caused by a privileged person

A new disclosure associated with Hogwarts, which is the next role-play set in the magical world of Harry Potter, it is said that you will arrive soon, according to a reliable source. Outside the revelation of the game last year, those of WB Games have not shown anything new related to Hogwarts along 2021, in addition to announcing a delay for the project. Fortunately, this silence should come to an end in what seems to be less than a month.

The informant in question that was recently mocked that Legato de Hogwarts soon is about to resurgence is Millie Amanda. In recent months, AMANDA has been a reliable source of privileged information when it comes to several future projects. In recent days, Amanda joked on Twitter that Legato de Hogwarts will enter the center of attention in the near future in a quite astute way. Instead of revealingly revealing anything related to the game, Amanda simply published a GIF of the key art of the game along with the legend soon..., which indicates that we will see the title shortly.

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Hogwarts Legacy - Official Reveal Trailer | PS5

Actually, this is not the first time in recent months that Amanda makes fun of news related to Legato de Hogwarts. In fact, not a long time ago, she said that the game would end up appearing at a PlayStation event in October or, on the other hand, it would be shown during The Game Awards 2021, which will take place at the beginning of December. Given that Legato de Hogwarts did not show up at the PlayStation State of Play event in October, now it seems that The Game Awards is where we will end up seeing more of the project.

In general, the Game Awards will be held this year on Thursday, December 9, which means that this is the date it should mark on your calendar if you want to see more than Legato de Hogwarts. As for the game itself, WB Games is currently only committed to broadly throwing the title in 2022 on the Xbox, PlayStation and PC platforms. If there are new details for Hogwarts Come on the next month, we will make sure to keep it updated in our dedicated coverage center right here.


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