Professional in FIFA 22 explains tricks that you should have in FUT

You want to get infirm 22 better? We asked for a pro, how the flaps could. Here are his tips.

If one starts in a new fut of season, it is often perfect first. Since one builds his starter team, the first victories collect and rises in the Rival divisions. But at some point it can happen that you can reach a kind of hurdle. A blockade that is not so easy.

If this point reaches, it can quickly come to frustration. Then the defeats are piling up, you miss the Weekend League qualification and there are no outstanding rewards in.

Then it says to look at exactly what you can improve on your own game, so you can leave this hurdle behind. We talked to a FIFA professional, who has just made a leap forward.

Who speaks? We talked in the interview with E-Sportswear Levy Finn Rick. The 19-year-old signed a contract with his favorite club Hans Rostock this summer. There he is not only lifelong member, but now also occurs for his club in the virtual Bundesliga. Among other things, you can pursue this on Twitch.

His first game of the series was FIFA 06 — since Levy has been there for each offshoot. That it would be enough to the professional, then pointed out over the last year, he says, It was more concerned with it. It was not the I ll do the PlayStation and then play. Levy began to look at the game more closely, studied Pro players like World Champion Mooney — and is now one of the FIFA Atheists.

We asked him: What tips have Levy, so you get better in FUT?

Tip 1: Use the right tricks

An important factor in FIFA 22 are, as in most FIFA games before, the skill moves and special movements that players can perform. In FIFA 22, the skills are no longer so crucial as they were still in 21. Nevertheless, you should notice some.

Levy relies on the following:

The first trick you should learn: The simple ball roll. That always sounds so stupid, but that frees a lot of many situations — even with the pros, says Levy. Just move the right stick to the side, depending on the direction of travel. The Shot-Cancel is one of the most important tricks in the game, he explains. With this trick one invites you a shot, but then does not get out, but can surprise the opponent with another action. You perform it by pressing L2 and R2 before firing the shot. Another trick is the McCready spin. For this you click the right stick in the direction of the direction and then 90 degrees in the direction you want. You turn the player in a new position. Also, this trick can be scanned with L2 & R2 to surprise the opponent. What s extremely effective this year is the Tight L1-dribbling, explains Levy: Then you can explosively change with R2 in the sprint. So there is an extreme sprint boost. That can also be every player, no matter how much skill points. Another trick: I use a lot Player Lock because you have a lot of possibilities there. You can play the player or pull into a running direction that you get rooms. The Player Lock activates you by pressing both sticks. Now your player is determined, and you will continue to control him — even if you fold the ball. So you can freely.

Basically, it s about tricks, not easy to move the stick, but use the right skills: Most tricks look beautiful, but do not bring them forward.

In defense: Also for the defensive has Levy has a simple tip: Learning the player change with the right stick. So you can change much faster. Time, with very close situations, I change with L1 — if it s safe, that I get the next war.

More tips on defense in FIFA 22 can be found here.

Otherwise, however, it is worthwhile to select the desired player with the right stick directly to waste any time. That may be a change for some may be worthwhile, but is worthwhile.

Tip 2: find your own game style and formation

Basically, as a player, you should find the style of play that best suits yourself. Who is a dear dribbles, as fits, should focus on it — and the other way around.

How does the professional play? If I go against per game, then I play very controlled, says Levy: But in the Weekend League I try to quickly come forward, with relatively fast combinations.

In FIFA 22 you have many options: Last year it was really a lot of skill moves. But this year, it s more passport, says Levy: There are so many ways to shoot goals.

There is also not the a formation this year, but great tactics that are good.

For Casual players, he recommends, for example, the 4-3-2-1 formation. This is well suited for combining — and is also in our overview of the best formations.

More tips on formations can be found here.

Tip 3: Land the right player

Which values ​​are important in players? The players are ultimately crucial for what play styles can be put in the place. Levy looks at values ​​like:

5-star skills, not to be limited to tricks. The Finesse trait, for effective finesse shots from afar. The 5-star Weak Foot, so as not so easy to be credible.

10 TRICKS AND TIPS to become a better FIFA 22 player | Uncut Of course, the best cards in the game are difficult to get. For example, if you are looking for players for your team, Levy recommends the following stars, which are not excessively expensive:

— Dembélé of Barcelona.

— Ben Redder — every FIFA good.

— I am convinced of Rashford. He s big, you can also beat a flank on him.

— I like Found very well.

— Impede should not be so expensive anymore.

— in midfield: Florence. He has outstanding pace and can do everything in the end.

Levy s tips on players who are currently worthwhile

This year, many players can generally get favorable on the transfer market. How does Levy find that?

This is great for casual gamers. Many have very good teams. But you make fewer coins from the packs. This is the narrow ridge. In the Esports area is the Pay2win: If you want to keep up with the teams at the top, you actually invest money in the game.

Also, to the money aspect Levy has a clear opinion: I would, if I only play casual games, do not put any money in FIFA. That s the end effect like gambling.

You can find more on the topic of the low transfer market in FIFA 22 here.

Tip 4: Keep the concentration

Anyone who wants to move forward in FIFA 22 must get good rewards — for example via Division Rivals or the Weekend League. Here, however, you have to tear a lot of games to get in place. How much can you really play in succession?

In the Elite Division, the level is very high. I ll do 3, 4 games and then a break, says Levy. At the 20 games of the Weekend League you should assess yourself a bit of itself: I would not stumble now 5 games, later 5 games, then 5 games and so on. Just look like how it works, he says.

But: Never make all the games in a bit. At some point, the concentration simply drops. After a maximum of 7, 8 I would definitely make a break, even if I all win.

How is your ultimate team starting? Where do you try to improve you? Tell us in the comments!


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