Played over a billion lots: FIFA 22 breaks records

FIFA conquers the masses. Publisher EA Sports has published first numbers to FIFA 22. The statistics reveal how much time the games share has already invested in the latest offshoots of the successful football series.

By means of so-called gameplay analyzes, EA tracks every minute, which is spent in FIFA 22. Be it in Ultimate Team, in Volta or in career mode. And the data is hard to believe.

played over 140 million lots in Germany

FIFA 22 was already played very often in the first 22 days after publication. In the presentation, the developer throws around huge numbers with a series of huge numbers. So far, a total of 1.1 billion games were played worldwide, in over 200 nations, a total of 1.1 billion games, a total of 53 million matches per day. From Germany come 146 million games, ie about 13 percent of the total volume of completed lots.


This means converted a season of 12.3 billion minutes worldwide, Germany has contributed around 1.5 billion minutes. These numbers are as astronomically high that they are hard to grab. EA emphasizes in the corresponding message, however, however, that the commitment of the players is on a record high and have surpassed these figures similar statistics of earlier parts.

Paris Saint-German is the most popular team in FIFA 22

The data collection of EA has also provided detailed information about the player s behavior in FIFA 22. So revealed that Erling Haaland and Jude Bellingham belong to the most popular commitments in the career mode.

The most popular team is the French superiority Paris Saint-Germain. The team full of superstars around Messi and MBAPP was chosen by players in the impetus and season modes. Overall, PSG was chosen for a whole 15 million times - no wonder, after all, the capital club is the best team in FIFA 22.

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