NBA News - Cuban about possible trade from Kristaps Porzingis: Why should I do that?

In the past two seasons, Kris taps Mornings was repeatedly involved in trademarks, but seemingly the Star of Dallas Mavericks was never really in danger of having to change teams. The revealed MAV owner Mark Cuban.

Addressed to the rumors that Mornings was available in the last season on the Trade block, Cuban replied with : That's not true. Why should I ever do that? With such trades you always lose in the end? If Is you trade a superstar, you will never get the better result.

After a bad start of the season including five missed games, Kris taps Mornings has successfully returned for the Mavericks and the team helped some victories. In 11 games, he has hitherto launched an average of 20.3 points and 8.3 rebounds per game, its throw quotas of 45.5 percent from the field and 33.8 percent from the triple line are not yet on the level of the preseason.

Especially encouraging for Cuban and the Mavericks is the physical fitness of the Big Man, at least as Mornings himself assesses his health. I feel great, Mornings said : My body feels so good, as long ago.

After his cruciate ligament break in 2018, Mornings has completed in a little more than two seasons 111 of 163 possible games in Regular Season for Mavericks. Dallas has recovered 9 out of 16 games so far, but without the struck Luka Ionic, the last three games were lost. Cuban continues to believe that Mornings can still increase: I've always had the feeling that Krista's has not yet played his best basketball.

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