Moukoko is finally available in FIFA 22 - so strong is the largest German talent

Finally, EA Yousuf Mouton has integrated in FIFA 22. We show you his card and look at the values ​​exactly.

On November 20, 2021, Yousuf Mouton has become 17 years old and has raised the age limit for FIFA. He is now available in the game, and we look at his new card.


Who is Yousuf Mouton? The German striker, who is currently under contract at Borussia Dortmund, has already broken such a few records: he is the youngest Bundesliga player, the youngest scorer in the Bundesliga and Young Champions League Player.

All this reached the BVB jewel already last season, which is why fans wondered why Mouton was not in the game to the release of FIFA 22. The reason for this was the youth protection, because EA basically brings first player after her 17th birthday into the game.

So strong is Mouton in FIFA 22

This is his card: Mouton does not get a top card in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, but the values ​​are perfect for a 17-year talent. Mouton has a rare silver card with a 69er overall rating.

He scores with a high speed value of 84 and proper dribbling stats of 76. In addition, he has decent shot and physical values ​​and can convince with 4-star skill moves as well as strong 4 stars in weak foot.

A perfect start to Ultimate Team so that could be picked up by future Mouton special cards. Maybe in the course of a future Stars events?

How to get to the card? In the Ultimate Team you can get the card either from packs in which there are silver cards or you suggest on the transfer market. However, on the transfer market, it currently seems to be difficult to get a card (as of 22.11.2021).

How strong Mouton in the career mode? Currently Mouton is not yet available in the career mode of FIFA 22, as the database is still at the stand of 9 November 2021. Soon but an update should appear that Mouton should contain.

Therefore, unfortunately, it is not known which potential Mouton could have in the career. As soon as the player appears in the career mode, you will learn it here.

And if you are still looking for a strong special card for your team, then look at the new Moments card from Julian Dealer:

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