List of best players and hero cards was on FIFA 22

We list here the best players and hero cards was Meta for the fashion was FIFA 22. Attention because the idea is to list the best cards, whatever the price, to evolve at the best level on the football game. These cards are meta, understand the best in the game. Note that EA has a possible evolution of the hero cards was with, like icon cards, the possibility of having an improved version later in the season.

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Update : Update of November 4th.

List of the best players and hero cards was on FIFA 22

The heroes were a novelty of the mode was FIFA 22. The latter allow you to create strong links with any card from the same championship, thus creating more possibilities to link and use some players. However, the level between cards is very important with some players coming out of the lot. Thus, the best hero cards were worth much more expensive than players not present in this list, limiting the interest of this new category of card...

David Ginola, MG, Ligue 1

Ranking every HERO on FIFA 22! | FIFA 22 Hero Card Tier List... One of the best game cards now, David Ginola is a monster. To have played it in Elite Division, the old PSG is able to do everything in front of: Dribbler, to go into force, mark on centers, shooting remote... In addition, its links are excellent via its nation and league, which explains its exorbitant price.

Recommended style: Hunter or engine

Best position: Bu, AG

Antonio di Natale, Bu, Serie A

At the exit of the game, only mbled and CR7 were better scorers than di native. The Italian player is extremely comprehensive with 4-4 stars, finesse shot and excellent stats. At stake, di natale remains very strong despite the arrival of many special cards. However, its main limit for the moment concerns the Meta and the Cards of the Serie A. The Italian League is quite limited at the highest level, which reduces the interest of a Hero card was like di native.

Recommended Style: Hunter (BU), Engine or Lynx Eye (MOC) Depending on the position

Best position: drunk or moc

Ivan Cordoba, DC, Serie A

If Cordoba evolved in the Premier League or Ligue 1, the map would probably be close to the million credits. With a very good acceleration (87), a high level of interception (91) and agility (80), the Colombian DC was at the exit of FIFA 22, one of the best DC of the game. If it is This is still the case, the new special cards begin to eclipse, especially as its nation limits links outside the Serie A.

Recommended style: Shadow or anchor

Best position: DC


Often forgotten in favor of Ginola, Pelé is the second Card hero was of the league 1. Quite similar to di natale in play, peelers is nevertheless a little less good because of the absence of finesse shot as well as stats a Cran below. However, the card is very agile and friendly to play, especially since the French championship is full of good meta players, often difficult to link.

Recommended style: Lynx eye or hunter

Best position: moc

Robbie Keane, Bu, Premier League

Initially used for its links, including more easily integrating cards like Son, Salah or Mane, Robbie Keane quickly turned out to be a very good card on Fûr. With 4-4 stars, finesse shot and very good stats, Keane is illustrated as dubing and moc. Its main limit lies in its stats in the past, which require the use of engine to be more effective in moc. Overall, a good card, enough fun to play, but cost quite expensive because of its league.

Recommended style: Hunter or engine

Best position: drunk or moc

Joe Cole, AD, Premier League

It is often a slightly forgotten card among the different heroes options was, for all: Joe Cole is a very complete winger on the game. Very full offensively, the English player is the prototype of the winger, especially with the hunter style. However, the card will be limited on two points: it is not really the most effective in point but above all, its basic position reduces its interest in links. So, it will not be able to really help Link cards like lean or sound from the right wing...

Recommended style: Hunter

Best position: ad

Honorable mentions : Morientes, Ole Gunnar Solskjoer, Aleksandr Mostovoi, Freddie Ljungberg.

This does not mean that the other cards are not good, but overall, they find themselves at least in one or two thirds below those listed here.

So much for our list of the best players and hero cards was Meta for the fashion was FIFA 22. Do not hesitate to consult our various guides as well as our solutions to the DCE on our FIFA portal.


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