Lineage and Banking Yen, 4Q11 Growth... Preparing to play blocks

Lineage (Oriental: 리니지) is a Middle Ages fantasy massively multiplayer online parlor game franchise by the South Korean computer game designer NCS oft. It has come to be very prominent in South Korea with registrations counting into the millions, yet is likewise offered in Chinese, Japanese, Russian, as well as English-language variations. It is additionally among the highest-grossing computer game franchises of all time, having actually earned $9.7 billion in lifetime revenue, since 2019.

NC soft has turned on the green light in the fourth quarter improved Lineage W show. The third quarter, but recorded a poor performance, a situation that is expected to show a rebound in earnings thanks to the Lineage W Since the fourth quarter.

The company also said planning as well as the Project TL and then also showcase new work combines the blockchain NFT technology next year.

Lecture 02   Building Block Approach 11 days NC soft (NYSE gimtaekjin) today announced record third-quarter earnings Settlement (hereinafter consolidated) Year 2021 Results Revenue 500.6 billion won, operating profit of 96.3 billion won, 99.5 billion won in net income.

3Q11 results, such as low labor costs... increased impact on existing gaming revenues stabilize

Compared to revenue of 7% the previous quarter, operating profit declined by 15%. Net income was up 5%. YoY in sales of 14% and an operating profit of 56%, net profit fell 35%.

Regional sales of 337 billion won Korea, Europe, North America, 27.6 billion won, 27.7 billion won in Japan, and Taiwan is 67.5 billion won. Royalty revenue is 40.8 billion won.

Looking at each product mobile game had sales of Lineage M is 150.3 billion won, Lineage 2M is 157.9 billion won, 22.9 billion won Blade & Soul 2. Online PC game sales 29.1 billion won Lineage, Lineage 225 billion won, 17.9 billion won Ion, Blade & Soul s 10.4 billion won, 219.2 billion won a Guild Wars.

The third quarter earnings were poor, including existing services less sales stabilizing and rising labor costs and marketing costs were the main reason.

Lineage W box office, 4 earnings improvement expected... Block Chaining game next year will introduce

But what about the future performance of NC soft. This was Lineage W performances, expect earnings growth ahead as the new release is the larger situation.

Lineage W is a global source to build a new full release in 12 countries in the last four days. The game had record sales in Korea and Taiwan, Hong Kong Market 1, launched early indicators can be reported revenues and users of the NC high table games.

According to the company s sales globally Lineage W is about 120 billion. Services 9 primary side cumulative sales were expected to be the company to break the 100 billion won.

In particular, NC soft has balhigido a plan to showcase the blockchain NFT combined games next year. A situation seemingly leading it to first combine existing technologies releases the Lineage series.

Currently, the company is currently preparing haewatgo creating a Task Force (TF) preparing the block chain-related games. In addition, patrons can also review the play-to-unloading (P2E) method that benefit from the gameplay. For this it was also confirmed that the finish is also a technical review of the coin itself is issued.

Met averse project is also underway. The universe is a platform for subsidiaries operate. When the user portion of the platform foreign women reported higher absolute. Most of the universe is the first departure in the met averse business of NC soft and was also the company s position that a complete connection to the game.

The growth potential of NC soft is another. The Lineage 2M iteoseoda also scheduled services in North America and Europe in the global services expansion and Lineage W. Also plans to develop a naenotneun Project TL etc. sequel.

NC soft hongwonjun CFO is Lineage and W have recorded successive maximum performance of NC soft games are also expected performance after entering Europe, North America ​​and Service 9 primary cumulative sales are expected to exceed the 100 billion won. Simultaneous visitor numbers have increased so far since the release of this part of the said encouraging.

Followed by blockchain game has prepared believes can make a huge opportunity for us, said (NC soft) and I think most competitive companies that can provide the blockchain NFT combined game services. Several review Diego progress was in fact completed. Next year, plans to release the game NFT is applied. There is also reviewing its various parts, such as a coin issued. Added that of the new line-up showcases are also available.


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