Is the EA-FIFA separation closer?

Typically, the sales figures can be used as a highlight of the quarterly report shortly after the release of a large new title. However, Electronic Arts (EA) is currently dominating another topic that Omnipresent finds its way in almost all messages. The possible separation of EA Sports and the FIFA, which work together for almost 30 years, floats above all — even in the new quarterly report.

We have set the strongest start of all time with the new title. The sales of full versions and in FIFA Ultimate Team have — based on the first three weeks — risen two digits.

EA SPORTS in the current quarterly report

Although first, it is to be captured that the developer writes exceptionally strong numbers according to its own information. To keep the fans committed to a strong connection between FIFA 21 and FIFA 22, emerges from the report. We have put the strongest start of all time with the new title. The sales of full versions and in FIFA Ultimate Team have — based on the first three weeks — risen two digits.

You want us to react very quickly

FIFA 22 is so far a great success, which is also due to the lack of competition due to the disaster start of Football 2022. The present is Rosy, the future is uncertain. EA and FIFA could take part in separate paths in the coming year, new messages appear to this topic almost daily — reliable confirmations remain out.

That does not change with the quarterly report, but at least it allows for further conclusions. EA stresses great relationships with all our 300 partners — and explicitly highlights the FIFA. However, a dedication knowledge does not follow, instead, the publishers gives insights into the further planning.

If we interact with our hundreds of millions of fans, tell us that they want to globally want more cultural brand engagement. They want more modalities that go beyond pure eleven-against-eleva football, says. You want more digital experiences outside the game like ESPORT, NFTs and wider sports consumption. And you want us to react very quickly.

The view over the box

EA seems to look at the goal of looking out about the previous box and to expand the offer regarding the football simulation. And sustainable, only those who want to be cooperations who want to go to this path: We will continue the conversations with each of our partners, so they are also geared towards this goal.

It is only another puzzle part in the information mesh to rear and motivation of the welfare separation between video game companies and football world association. Most recently, 2K Sports had been brought as a possible new publisher in conjunction with the acquisition of the FIFA license. EA is already preparing for himself and recently had the title EA Sports Football Club to protect trademark law.


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