I am younger Naver, Choi Soo-yeon,

Never was the leader of the 1981, as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company (CEO).

As the Top Financial Investment Officer (CFO), we have accompanied a leader in foreign financial experts.

At the same time as the MZ generations are captured together with the generation replacement, it will be pulled into a strategy to secure global competitiveness.

Never opened the board on the 17th, and a new representative of the best representative of the Global Business Support Director. Choir, Soo-yeon, graduated from Seoul National University, College of Ball, and joined Never (NHN at that time) in 2005. He then experienced the Internet industry, while he was working in communication, marketing organization.

Choir, Jungle graduated from Onset University Law, and acquired New York State Attorney Certificate by Harvard Rhodes in the Lawyer, He has been a lawyer in the field of corporate governance (M & A), corporate governance, which has been a lawyer, and he has been on the way back to Never and has been in charge of the company s global business.

CFO Kim Nam Sun Investment · Global M & A Talking Tissue Responsibility Leader. Kim Nam-sun s presidential officer graduated from Seoul National University, Harvard Roth School, as 1978. He joined Morgan Stanley, Macquarie Asset Management, etc., and joined Never last year. Kim Jingle, who was Big Dill, including Was Pad acquisitions and E-Mart, Shingle s stake exchange.

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Never is an interpreted in the meaning of a 2030 younger user s replacement, including a 40-year-old manner.

An official that is familiar with Never Ejaculation to meet a rapidly changing business environment, said Never, I will unfold a new business that aimed at the MZ generation, such as a metabus, such as a meta bus, said Never. I was evaluated.

Another official said, This new executive greeting seems to pursue a proper tissue renewal through generational replacement.

This person also reads a willingness for global market preemption.

Never said, We have been constantly recommending and verified a candidate with the competence of the competence, under the goal that many businesses have to act as a global forward base. The company also said that leaders, including the new representative, would have been responsible for expanding global business and excavating overseas business.

Never Growth, Han Sung Took, who has led innovation, helps the existing executives to take over the new staff of the new staff of the new stator by March next year.

The Never official said, It will be necessary to play a role in the company, and the role of Never will continue to challenge in the global market.


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