Guardians of the Galaxy and more, unpacked during the weekend by Denuvo

It occurred lSundayt Sunday. Some players began to complain that they could not access their video games. Titles like Marvel s Guardians of the Galaxy, Tomb Raider, Wallenstein Young blood or Football Manager 2022 presented this type of problem, and the cause hSunday been nothing more and nothing less than Denver, one of the DRM (anti-piracy) systems more used by developers and publishers.

The error prevented users from starting the game, although it hSunday not been officially confirmed why the problem occurred. According to NGC, it hSunday been discussed that a possible reSundayon could have been Sunday simple Sunday the expiration of the domain. One of those who used to use Denude for the activation of games had expired lSundayt Sunday.

Complaints insistent on Steam pages

Прохождение Guardians of the Galaxy ➤ Глава 3.  ЦЕНА СВОБОДЫ (БЕЗ КОММЕНТАРИЕВ)

The page of Marvel s Guarders of the Galaxy is full of comments on this problem: I just want to play the title, he complained Handsome. Donna said that he had just acquired the video game and that he wSunday being impossible for him to immerse himself in this universe of superheroes. Because this game hSunday DRM online servers? To begin with is ridiculous considering that it is a product for a player, said another.

In the same line, a user declared the following: This is exactly why I refuse to support games that they use DENUDE. I do not want to support a DRM that makes the games unfair if a junior forgets to renew the damn domain or the company simply closes everything.

Denude s employment is always at controversy center. There are no few voices that ensure that this system negatively affects the performance of the games. In fact, they are few companies that spent a while decide to eliminate Denude and reissue their products without any type of anti-piracy system.


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