GREEDFALL - How to improve weapons and armor

GREENHALL has an interesting system upgrade system and armor that adapts directly to the way you choose to build your character. The appropriate upgrades can give you access to specific skills, as well as general increases in statistics and improvements. These various mechanisms allow you to temporarily thread some armor parts to perform specific tasks, which adds a touch of fun to the game.

Greedfall - Complete Guide To Crafting GREENHALL — How to improve weapons and armor

To improve your weapons and armor, you must have access to the craftsman's talent. You do not have to specify these talents if you have an object or armor that gives you this skill. You will need to equip these pieces when you want to upgrade. However, if you do not do it, you must then use the corresponding point in the Character Development tab.

Then you must have access to a trader capable of manufacturing. You can talk to a blacksmith in most major cities, access the established in any of your residences or visit any of the camps you have set up in the world.

From there, select the weapon or armor you want to improve. All armor and all weapons will not be improved. Those that can be improved have up to three upgrade locations, which you can view on your main inventory screen in the Manufacturing column next to the name of the weapon.

Each location allows you to upgrade a specific appearance of the weapon. Changes come with status modifications and cosmetic change. Some upgrades will require some level of crafts, and all improvements use available resources around the world. This is a good idea to check all the options available before hiring. Some of them give you a boost in the talents and could open a talent you have not accessed yet.

All weapons and armor also have individual requirements in terms of skills, statistics and attributes to use them. Make sure you do not upgrade something you can not equip.


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