Forza Horizon 5: First update improves server stability and fixes money

Fora Horizon 5 is probably the best racing game of the year and is praised by the international press in the sky. But no title is without error, and the developers at Playground Games is going to do it, to fix the problems that have made it into the launch version accordingly. The first update for Fora Horizon 5 is already available for Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC online, and we tell you what s in the download (via forza motorsport).

patch notes for the first update for Fora Horizon 5

Was shaken badly Really Fora Horizon 5 already before the patch is not really: The most important thing. But the update turns once again to the stability, especially in multiplayer. There have been some mistakes, while not led to a crash, but could annoy quiet. For example, stopped cars connection problems, or we fell upon completion of a mission by the map, which has now been patched.

Money Exploit eliminated: but Really important are the remote exploits that could be remotely through which benefits. Especially the so-called Willy exploit that her quickly to a lot of money to come could you. In addition, rewards are now spent, and VIPs have access to the corresponding LCS.

All patch notes at a glance

Game Stability

Fixed several crashes Fixed a potential crash did could happen if to emote what earned whilst offline Fixed a potential crash did can happen When Starting a Horizon Arcade Fixed a potential crash did occur When spawning traffic cars Fixed a crash When loading Event Lab events Fixed a crash When upgrading cars


Improved stability of Horizon Life connections Improvements to online traffic Fixed issue where player s car would get stopped When losing connection to Horizon Life Disabled Convoy voice chat to help track down the long load times in online events Improvements to Horizon Arcade for other player visibility and joining and leaving Arcade events Fixed Eliminator Head to Heads not ending When players reached the finish point

Wheel Compatibility

Fixed a disconnect pop up did what Preventing wheels from functioning Correctly on PC


Updated the Car Mysteries for various cars to address to exploit Removed to exploit That Could be Achieved When creating Challenge Cards Removed to exploit When creating specific route configurations in Event Lab Fixed an issue Which allowed players to purchase cars from the Car Collection screen Which were not available in the Auto Show Added checks to stop to exploit with driving assists Stopped players being able to download tunes before a race starts


Fixed VIP Player House not being free for some VIPs

Forza Horizon 5 - MAJOR PATCH FIX! | Goliath AFK, MONEY Glitches, Super Wheelspins! Fixed VIP House not giving correct player Formation Point multiplier Fixed issue where some VIP players were not receiving Super Wheel Spins


Fixed players not receiving the loyalty reward for playing Fora Motorsport 5 Fixed an issue with Car Collection where it did what possible a player Could lose pending rewards If They quit the game Rebalanced UGC payouts


Fixed an issue where it what possible for the player to fall out of world after Completing the Trial screen Fixed an issue where input stops working on the Press Start Cross Country Event difficulty has been tuned slightly easier on Privater Difficulty levels below Unbeatable to smooth off some difficulty spikes Fixed Event Lab notifications persisting in Free roam Fixed some Accolades missing icons on Xbox One and Xbox One S Fixed profanity filter not applying Correctly on Super 7

Horizon 5 starts already extremely spectacular:

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Technically Fora Horizon can convince five really

Even before the patch Fora Horizon made five visually perfect figures. And also the stability can actually only a little to be desired — and on Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One. Whether environment, cars and effects, the racing game on the Xbox has currently little competition and is a benchmark. More finds her in Gamer technique test to Fora Horizon. 5

Do you have fun with Fora Horizon 5, and there s your opinion aspects that should be improved?


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