Fortnite banished controversial Nazi

Infinite have already made many skins over the charging counter of the Item Shop. Some of them, however, were so controversial that Epic Games laughed with her wordlessly in the Vault. We show you a skin, which is controversial, but nevertheless rejected by many players.

What does Ge vaulted ? In the gamer language one uses the term to describe that certain things are packed in a digital safe. That can be weapons, environments, objects but also skins, as in this case.

The contents are thus removed from the game or from the shop, but not completely deleted. There is a possibility that content from the Vault returns — or stay it forever.

Especially the online shooter Fortnite and Destiny 2 put on such a content safe.

rue-skin is controversial — players still demand him

What is this skin? This skin is called rue. The figure showing the skin comes from the agent organization Shadow and belongs to the villains in Chapter 2 Season 2.

It has two styles in red and black colors.

The female skin wears a leather, latex coat with black long gloves, black boots and a devilish red glasses with two pieces. Your coat is decorated by the logo of the organization, which is located on the upper arm.

The skin was the last time in the Item shop of Fortnite before 544 days ago.

What about the skin so controversial? Players tweeted on the post of Epic Games from April 2020 (Via. Twitter) that this skin reminds you very much about a Nazi. Apparently, some players in the aesthetics of Fortnite Skin see conspicuous parallel to officers uniforms of the SS.

Who knows Epic Games, knows that items, dances or skins that have made problems, which have been pushed indirectly to the Vault so that they can no longer see the light of the Fortnite world.

Epic Games has not previously been expressed. Nevertheless, players, that Fortnite does that with some items that are a bit controversial or even frowned and cause problems.

Fortnite is niet meer te downloaden op je smartphone What do players say? On Reddit, there is a contribution that makes fun of it that developers make effort to create items just so they will vary in the safe 2 years later. It will clear that many players demand this skin, despite the controversial appearance. A Reddit user writes:

It did not help people, when the skin was released, spammed all over the Internet that they looked like a Nazi officer. I'm not saying that this is the reason why she became Ge vaulted, but still... In this time, it's pretty easy to get 'checked' for some reason.

said Reddit User Schikkenattack

Another user on Reddit also writes:

[...] but no matter how to express it, to have a Nazi as a playable character, the game makes you look questionable.

said Reddit User Ehvuhlinn

Epic likely took off here that this skin has such an effect on the community. It would have to be clear that the developers of Fortnite want to create a good environment to gamble with friends and not to glorify such contents of fascism.

What do you think about the skin? Do you find him cool or do you yourself say that such a skin has not earned a place in Fortnite? Let's know us in the comments!


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