Force Horizon 5 Update

Fora Horizon 5 is a 2021 racing computer game established by Play ground Games and also released by Xbox Video game Studios. It is the fifth Fora Horizon title and also twelfth main installment in the Fora collection. The game is embedded in a fictionalized depiction of Mexico. It was released on 9 November 2021 for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and also Xbox Series X/S.

For Fora Horizon, a new update is available today, on November 17, and here is the complete list of changes and troubleshooting added to this patch. This is one of the first major updates for Fora Horizon 5 since the start of this month. It mainly fixes several crash problems, including crashes when upgrading cars or earning emotes in offline mode. It also offers several improvements for the online multiplayer, e.g. B. Changes to online traffic and removal of the convoy language chat. There are also many other things that you can look forward to in this patch. Everything is new with the update of 17 November for Fora Horizon 5.

Fora Horizon 5 Update psychotics of 17 November

Version number:

Xbox One: 1.410.860.0 Xbox series: 3.410.860.0 PC: 3.410.860.2 Steam: 1.410.860.0

game stability

Fixed several crashes A possible crash has been fixed that could occur when an emote offline deserved It has been fixed a crash that can occur when starting a Horizon Arcade A possible crash has been fixed that occurred when spawning traffic cars Fixed crash when loading Event Lab events Crash when upgrading cars fixed


Improved stability of Horizon Life connections Improvements in online traffic Fixed issue where the player s car was stopped when the connection to Horizon Life lost The CONVOY language chat has been disabled to detect the long loading times for online events Improvements to Horizon Arcade for the visibility of other players and entering and leaving Arcade events

How's ONLINE after the Update? Forza Horizon 5 Live Stream (Horizon Arcade + Online Events) Fixed: Eliminator Head to Heads did not end when players reached the target point

impeller compatibility

A pop-up window for disconnecting has been fixed that prevented the correct function of Wheels on the PC


The car compensation for different cars have been updated to fix an exploit An exploit that could be achieved when creating challenge cards has been removed An exploit when creating certain route configurations in Event Lab has been removed It has been fixed a problem that allows players to buy cars about the car collection screen not available in the car show Exercises added to stop an exploit with driving assistant Players can not download melodies before a race starts


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Fixed that the VIP player house was not free for some VIPs Fixed a problem where the VIP house did not give the player the right formation pointing momentum Fixed an issue where some VIP players did not receive super Wheel spins


Fixed issue where players did not receive a loyalty premium for playing Fora Motorsport 5 It has been resolved a problem with the car collection, where it was possible that a player could lose outstanding rewards when he finished the game Newly balanced UGC payments

PC settings

Fixed dissolution scaling that led to GTA depth problems on the PC Fixed issue where remote terrain could appear in the PC ultra settings as low-resolution


It has been fixed a problem in which it was possible for the player to fall from the world after completion of the exam A problem has been resolved in which the entry on the home screen of the press no longer worked The level of difficulty of the cross-country event was set on the Privater difficulty levels under unbeatable slightly easier to compensate for some difficulty tips Fixed event Lab notifications in Free roam For some awards, symbols were missing on Xbox One and Xbox One S Fixed that the obscenity filter is not applied correctly to Super7

Fora Horizon 5 is now available for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.


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