FIFA still does not secure its name: EA is not convinced to reach an agreement

FIFA 22, as a delivery, does not give many headaches to EA Sports : He has led sales in much of the world and is one of the best premiere of the year, as is usual. But the FIFA saga, as we know it, could disappear if finally ends up confirming the name change that I could suffer.

This modification is due to the fact that the negotiations between FIFA and Electronic Arts for the use of the official denomination are not arriving at a good port. The organization calls on double the video game company, and this does not seem to go through the hoop. In fact, in recent statements in the Financial Times, collected by Push square, it is recognized that in EA are not convinced that they will be able to reach an agreement.

The franchise has many players, I do not see why David Jackson, Electronic Arts has to be changed We are not sure if we continue with FIFA as a rights partner, says David Jackson, Brand head of FIFA, about the negotiations that are still going on. The franchise has a lot of players [...] I do not see why that should change in the future.

FIFA 21 | I FIXED IT!!! | (WEB APP) EA CODE NOT WORKING. The process has been defined in the article as a bitter dispute with which neither the International Football Federation nor Electronic Arts would be satisfied, nor close to reaching a point in common. It has also been mentioned how it would affect the possible road separation, which could bring to the developer an extra conflict related to licenses.

The last annual delivery of the EAs sports video game premiered last October 1 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, in addition to Stadia and Nintendo Switch versions. In our FIFA 22 analysis, we aim that improves over the previous year with an evolution that, although it is not revolutionary, it gives the right steps to move towards the future of the saga.


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