Eat Doritos And Also Drink Mountain Dew To Get Dual XP In Call Of Duty: Warzone And Vanguard

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Call of Duty Vanguard Multiplayer Gameplay + Impressions

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Activision has officially revealed a co-marketing take care of Doritos as well as Hill Dew to provide Call of Duty players double XP as well as double weapon XP for both Call of Duty: Lead and also the battle royale game War zone.

One hand on the controller the various other in a bag of Doritos, the publisher stated in a tweet from the Call of Duty Twitter account. It s an easy promo: get the specially marked bags of Doritos products and also retrieve the double XP codes on the Telephone Call of Duty/Doritos internet site. The dual XP likewise relates to specifically marked Mountain Dew items.

The Doritos Call of Duty campaign was first revealed back in September when the particularly significant bags of the chips began to appear in the wild.

Call of Duty has actually for years partnered with food and treat brand names to offer double XP in this manner. It s not just Call of Duty, either, as Microsoft has a Halo Infinite handle Kellogg s to hand out dual XP when you purchase Pringles as well as Pop-Tarts.

Vanguard released on November 5 for console and PC. A brand-new War zone map, Caldera, is can be found in very early December.

Activision Snowstorm is currently being filed a claim against by the state of The golden state over unwanted sexual advances and also discrimination against females.


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