Discount rate up to 75%, Epic Games Store Beds Sale

The Video game Awards are a yearly honor ceremony that profits services in the video game sector. At the celebrations are also concepts of new titles and detailed want to see already introduced games. The programs are created and also regulated by Geoff Kafka, who has actually helped over 10 years on its precursor, the Spike Computer Game Awards.

Epic Games went on 24th, Black Friday, got over 600 large-scale game sales. A variety of works from recently announced AAA grade titles to indie games are up to 75% discount.

'Assassin's Creed: Ball La' and 'Red Dead Lemon 2' are 50% discounted to 30,500 won and 30,000 won, respectively, and other than Takes Dungeon 2 (10%), Kenya: Bridge of Spirit (10 %), PACA 6 (17%), Back 4 Blood (30%), Human Cinder (20%), and Riders Republic (25%) can be purchased at a discounted price for a week to 30 days.

In addition, Epic Games provides an open-world hunting game 'The Hunter: Wild call' as a free game. Based on the traces such as feces and footprints, it is a game in which the animal is tracked by tracking the animal, and it is characterized by adding reality such as grasping whether the animal detects the player through crying.

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