DFB candidate Peters: Female support as a trump?

The Tuvalu Football Team (in English: Tuvalu National Football Group) is a choice of Tuvaluan Ideal Footballers Regulated by the National Football Association (TNA) which is an associate participant of OF however not FIFA. She does not join significant worldwide tournaments, with the exemption of the Pacific Gaming. The present instructor is a previous Semi-Pro Football gamer Thomas Enzo. Tuvalu have the only arena The Tuvalu Sports Ground for football matches also if they did not play global suits on their dirt. Since 1987, they have actually been trying to be a full member of FIFA, condition they can not get due to inadequate framework (arenas, hotels, training grounds). In the meantime, they have been participants of the CONIFA because November 2016. The selection has the particularity of having been the only non-member national choice of FIFA to play the playoffs of the football world mug, at the 2010 version, with the South Pacific Games.

Sen. Gary Peters discusses impeachment

After Silke Siching information, the outgoing Supervisory Board of the German Football League DFL is planning that the DFB is currently interimistic with Dr. med. Trainer Koch leads and represents this in the FIFA Council, with high-caliber female occupation in his team: Sports Scientist Silk Sighing is therefore ready for a candidacy as Vice President under Peters. The University Professor has long been committed to women's football for a long time and advocates the committee of the Hessian Football Association HF for girls and women's football. In the recent association's day in Hesse, she failed with a push to ensure the women for their gaming decisions in HF autonomy — in the HF Bureau, the non-reaching of the two-third majority necessary for this statute change was considered critically, some languages ​​of a return coach For symbol.

Country associations want more women in the DFB tip

On March 11, the DFB Bundestag chooses his new president after Fritz Keller resigned lack of trust in a row of a verbal derailment against cook. The state and regional associations, last recently sent Bettendorf, the boss of the Middle Rhine Association, in the race. With one exception: the Westphalian athletics and football association nominated both Bettendorf and Peters, who may be sure of the votes of the league representatives. Alone with these, however, he would miss the majority in the Bundestag. With meaning, Peters could also proliferate with Some Landesverband, who wants to see more women in the future DFB tip. As a DFL Supervisory Board, he was already significantly involved in the selection of Donate Hops as a future DFL managing director. Whereby the initiative football can be more strongly feminine. The Alliance for the former HSV proceedings Katja Kraus could also send his own candidate into the race, most recently there were talks with the community of interest saves the amateurs.


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