Can Eternal Return be a Cinderella of Korea s E-Sports?

A sporting activities computer game is a computer game that simulates the method of sporting activities. Most sports have been recreated with a game, including team sporting activities, track and also field, extreme sporting activities, and combat sporting activities. Some games emphasize actually playing the sport (such as FIFA, Pro Evolution Football and also Madden NFL), whilst others stress approach as well as sporting activity administration (such as Football Manager and also Out of the Park Baseball). Some, such as Need for Speed, Arch Opponents as well as Punch-Out !!, satirize the sport for comic effect. This genre has been popular throughout the background of video games and also is competitive, much like real-world sporting activities. A variety of game series include the names as well as features of genuine teams and players, and are updated each year to reflect real-world changes. The sporting activities genre is just one of the oldest genres in gaming history.

Recently, there is a full-fledged domestic game in e-sports. A non-renewal is developed, and the cacao game is service to service.

has been steadily hosted by a steady stream and a user convention. In recent years, it is also steadily shining in the local E-sports league in the local E-sports league. The story about e-sports was always a picture of the User s Table,

If so, the e-sports of is likely? Through the various grounds, the E-Sports possibility of sport was achieved, and achieved the opinions of players who participated in the competition. / Disuse game Kim Byung-soo reporter

The unique fun of this

First, it is the possibility of the game itself.

is a game that combines MOB and Battle Royal Element. The player moves the area and collects the ingredients and create items and kills the other person to kill the other person. Therefore, if the jamming phase is short, the flaming is finished, engagement immediately begins. If it is determined that it is advantageous, the opponent may be captured in the middle of the jamming phase, and it may start engagement. This fast tempo s engagement is one of the core of the watch.

The Midgard team of the Midgard team, who won second in the 2021 Seoul Cup on November 12, the Midgard team, Midgard team, said Midgard team, The Facing Stage is short and the average number of engagements. I am exciting to the end.

It is a part of the species, combinations of genres, the combination of combinations. Iowa Look team Happy World Earle Gary, ((((), (((), ((((), ((((), ((((), (G), and eating like a feed chain. Avoid adverse opponents, and the process of choosing a favorable opponent is interesting. You may be able to override the strange, you can also file a combination and focusing.

Because it is Battle Royal game, there was a scene that could appear. For example, two teams that are left alone and the team to replace the two teams, and the teams that are in the teeth, which are the teeth, have been a dramatic victory by winning engagement through the surprise.

is still as easy to access, and the probability of this diversity will emerge through future updates. For example, a combination of the Characteristics, the core of Season 4 has been added, is also expected to have a combination that can appear in the Duo tournament.

TOP PLAYERS ERBS - ELEVEN BUFF = KOREAN PRO PLAYER GAMEPLAY - ETERNAL RETURN BLACK SURVIVAL Recently, the reorganized resurrection console is also core. Even if engagement or flaming is not intended, even if you die, it can be resurrected by the item and level at the time of death in the resurrection console in the map. As long as Battle Royal Games, the fighting defeat is deadly, but it is a reason that the contest was exciting than before, as it can be recovered through the resurrection console. Previously, when the partner drops, the victory in the round was the same.

It is also characterized that the game core user layer is interested in e-sports. The is steadily held through the community or streamer hosting. The goods are being held steadily, such as Banana milk or cyborg set. Some competitions showed a high quality of the Ta E-Sports Competition. Users have proven their possibilities.

There is also a strength of participation per game. Because the other battle Royal game has been suffering from the competition preparation and management because it has to participate in a 100-person player. The number of is easier to ready than this.

A good example is the International Competition ERWIN 2021 on June 17th. Five local players participated in the United States Japan China. Local players near Korea participated in the competitions online, and the two teams participated in the United States have been in the form of a separate competition in the hotel after adhering to the pre-immigration procedures after entering the entry. Even in the international convention, which was conducted in Corona, Erwin was finished without a big problem.

It is also not possible to make a look at the Site E-Sports Stadium to open the as a competition event. It is assumed that was likely to have been able to distress the officials who do not have a game that rises outside the League of Legend> or . Even though Battle Royal game, participating players management and settings are merit that it is easier than other games.

Active e-sports,

Developer is also a strength of the visibility of a new run to operate the contest and build a draft for the planning plan. Many of the athletes participated in the Seoul Cup said, If the competition is bigger, it continues to open, it feels that the prospect is bright, he said.

And has three game modes with solo, duo, and squad. On this way, the new Run has been worried about What modes should be at the core? Currently, the game tempo is right in the conference relay, and the game is in progress, and the game is the best Duo Mode, which was the best viewer response. The result is based on the viewer feedback, which is constantly held.

Recently announced League planning plans have become a positive factor in increasing economic quality. It is ensured that the convention is continuously held, because the players preparing for the competition can focus on the game. In fact, as the size of the sports, such as Seoul Cup and League planning plans, each team gathered itself and progressing scrim (exercise match) is more than before.

Thanks to the Seoul Cup, there were many opinions of viewers that they have developed in terms of competition than the previous competition. Even if you look at the contents of the game, all teams have been championship without overwhelming teams, and the tight aspects of the last six rounds. It is noteworthy that the team took a lot of scores that the team took the most of the kill does not have to win. A team of engagement is a high probability that the top of the top is higher.

It also impresses that some solve problems for Jobber (not engaged in engagement without engagement (not engaged without engagement), which was a worry of the Kill Royal Game e-sports. Through the feedback, the E-sports increased the specific gravity of the kill score. Therefore, in Seoul Cup, participating teams have emerged to aggressively engage in the context of participating teams to flip the score difference.

I need to worry about how to live a unique fun with e-sports

There is a shadow if there is light. E Sports is not only positive.

First, it is the sensitivity of the patch. is still a large-scale balance patch in two weeks as it is a proximal access game. The patch may be in ahead of the competition, and the team that has not been prepared in the competition, or the team that had good grades in the qualification is located in the subordinate.

Of course, for fun of e-sports, meta circulation is essential. However, in the case of , the meta-change is large, and the patch is advanced ahead of the competition, and it is assessed that the competition is not to be ignored.

One player said, If the contest is caught on the date of the patch, the strategy or combination that the existing prepared strategy was collapsed. Other players say, There is a combination of solo mode, and the balance patch is done, and it is a combination that is difficult to write in the competition. The patch effect should be predicted by any specifications to receive a naphtha and buff.

Some players have talked that Route or strategy can easily predict through rank game treasure and scrim replay. There was a feature that does not leave a limited edition of a private game, or a feature that does not show a self-timing. A player said, I am afraid that I would like to have a patch or a contest client in Duo mode, but it seems to take a long time.

In fact, in the case of e-sports, the professional players are not to avoid strategy exposure, and when the scrim game is finished, everyone is known to leave the game and leave the game. Riot Games, which recognizes it, is also adjusted to prevent records from being left in the convention server.

How to draw a fun or topic of only an Eternal Return.

E-sports came to the game Hot Keyword, and many games that many game companies push their games to sport their games are common. However, I tried to do e-sporting, but game updates or nerves, such as the game update or nerves, such as the underlying poisoning, did.

The is also hard to say that it is perfectly free from this problem. Through the competition experience that we have implemented so far, the recently conducted Seoul Cup has been successful to imprint the likelihood of the e-Sports to the core users while gaining positive responses. However, it is also important whether e-sports can be attracted to users outside the game to maintain in the long run.

The game does not know, but it is a fun game tournament. For example, when the Rigs Cup of the is proceeding, there is a user who watches the contest without playing . Even if I do not know the detailed game system, it is because the world s best teams have sufficient fun.

In addition, is an active game in attracting game users through promotion. As a result, a user who has accidentally played the game, and it is necessary to form a real-sense structure, which plays the game and continues to continue the contest. This confirmed structure is the most important factor in contest quality and sustainability. Therefore, I need to make a lot of charm of e-sports, and I need to worry about how to appeal to many gamers.

Fully based on the base,

2022 seems to be a year of e-Sports s foundation.

Cacao Games Kim Sang s head of Kim Sang said in June 2021, in the press conference, I need a rich character pool, more rich than now, and the replays are also prepared to be prepared. Therefore, 2022 I do not think it would be that I would not be able to put a full-fledged resource. is still a formal launch game. Through the big and small competitions, as much as the possibility is as much as the , the Response of the is a 2022. It should be noted that it does not have a sufficient foundation, and it is not possible to have a sufficient foundation, and it should not be able to do it. In the industry, the Heroes of The Storm is a good, while there is a teacher.


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