Black Friday Sale at Nordvpn: Protects and saves 72%!

NordVPN has a discount on the two-year package as part of the Black Friday SALE: instead of 243.78 euros you pay only 67.15 euros for 24 months.

Most of us spend a large part of our lives online. We also distribute a lot of personal information, such as name, address or even bank data. Who does not protect yourself properly, can easily become victims of data clay? At the same time, third people see your data and / or save them if you want it or not. With NordVPN you can avoid that and thanks to the Black Friday Sale you save 72%.

Black Friday Sale: NordVPN 72% reduced

How does a VPN work?

Instead of sending your signal directly from your computer to the destination, NordVPN forwards it to different locations and also encrypts it in addition. The follow-up and reading of your data is significantly heavier and thus protects your privacy sustainable. Such measures are mainly important if you often dial in publicly accessible networks. Usually, these, in cafés, restaurants, hotels or even in the web networks are insufficiently secured and put your data on the presentation plate.

Also, practical: The annoying content locks, as they often occur on YouTube, can also be dealt with NordVPN. If a video is not accessible to German users, you can easily convert your location to a suitable one.

NordVPN Black Friday Aanbieding 2021???? 72% Korting! ???? Thats why a VPN is worth a gamble

Since NordVPN can also be used on the PS4, PS5 and Xbox One or Series X | S, partially even the regional restrictions for games can be bypassed. For example, a game will be published in another time zone earlier, you can access it earlier using the VPN.

A VPN can help you to access a beta / preview of a game that is not unlocked for your region. Thus, the pre-version of the Mobile Game Diablo Immortal :

Another advantage for online players: NordVPN prevents annoying DDoS attacks. And not only that, it even helps to reduce your ping by connecting with a server that is close to the gaming server.

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Thats why NordVPN is worthwhile in Black Friday Sale

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NordVPN is particularly characterized by the 5100 servers in a total of 60 countries, but also by the fast connection and unlimited bandwidth. The servers are also always supplied with current software, so that regional locks will be bypassed in the future can. NordVPN runs on almost all current routers and instructions for installation can be found on the NordVPN website. If there should be problems, you can easily use the 24-hour customer service.

Thanks to the Black Friday Sale you can save 72% if your NordVPN is now subscribed. More specifically, you only pay for two years 67.15 euros, i.e. 2.80 euros per month, during the normal price at 243.78 euros for the same period is. Who is interested, should not miss the offer.

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