Back 4 Blood continues the Zombie killing and details its roadmap with free updates and an expansion

The threat Zombie persists, and that is why Turtle Rock continues giving us weapons to enjoy even more Back 4 Blood. The Shooter has again captivated lovers of survival between infected with mechanics that have led him to overcome the figure of 6 million players in just a couple of weeks. However, the developer has not ended with his game, so he has detailed a roadmap to continue squeezing all the potential of zombies.

The Road Sheet also presents the new Tunnels of Terror expansion To begin with, the title will count on free updates In November, December and throughout 2022 that will continue to expand the Back 4 Blood experience. In general, we will continue killing dozens of infected, but we will have the opportunity to do it alone as requested by the community since its launch in October. But here they do not finish the novelties, since Turtle Rock will add content of the most interesting as a new cooperative mode, new letters, unique events and a novel level of difficulty that has not been specified.

BACK 4 BLOOD Official Trailer (2021) Zombie Game HD

And is that, after receiving complaints that the game was very difficult, the developers have put themselves to work to launch patches and, above all, to prepare special content, as evidenced by its first expansion of Annual pass: tunnels of terror. An excuse to return to the Zombies massacre with unpublished history, new exterminators and playable infected, weapons of all kinds and several cards.

This expansion may be enjoyed at some point of 2022 through the aforementioned annual pass, which includes two more expansions for €39.99. But, for those who prefer more complete packs, Turtle Rock also offers a deluxe edition Back 4 Blood totally digital by €89.99 or Ultimate Edition by €99.99.

In short, the delivery of Turtle Rock continues to give us reasons to face the zombies, because although the old Left 4 Dead has more players that Back 4 Blood, there is no doubt that the new delivery has successfully debuted between the public. After all, it is a worthy successor of the Zombie experience lived more than 10 years ago, as you can read in our Back 4 Blood analysis.

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