The Anders criticism again criticizes against Dullenmike

The FIFA World Cup, also known as World Soccer Cup, World Cup or simply worldwide, whose original name was a World Soccer Championship, is the main international male football tournament at the national level of selections in the world. [ n 1] This sporting event takes place every four years since 1930, with the exception of 1942 and 1946, which was suspended respectively due to the development and consequences of the Second World War. It has two main stages: a classification process in which about 200 national selections participate and a final phase performed every four years in a defined headquarters in advance in which 32 teams participate (48 from the 2026 edition ) During a period close to a month. The official ball is manufactured by the German company of Adidas Sports Equipment. The final phase of the tournament is the sporting event of a single most important discipline in the world (the final of the 2002 World Cup was seen by more than 1100 million people), and the second most important at a general level after the Olympic Games. It has been carried out at 21 occasions, in which eight soccer countries -correspond to the historical world powers and candidates - have raised the Cup: Brazil is the most successful selection, with five victories; Germany and Italy follow him with four trophies; Argentina, France and Uruguay have gained it twice, as England and Spain have been titled champions once. [N 2] The tournament presents a domination of European teams, who have won the title in twelve times, while the South Americans have done it in nine. Only two teams from other confederations have come to semifinals: United States in 1930 and South Korea in 2002.

A short laugh of Anders currently ensures a great discussion in the German FIFA community. But what had happened? Vejrgang met on Tuesday evening at the Blacki Cup on Entational Player Dylan Dullenmike Neuhausen, after a competitive game, the young RB player was able to prevail just 3: 2. He commented on the final whistle with a short, rising laugh.

Vejrgang human disgusting and unprofessional

This interpreted Dullenmike as well as some of his colleagues as a disrespectful lattaking on the part of the greatest talent. The FIFA professional, which starts for the organization Neo, shared the appropriate clip of Vejrgang with the heading No Comment via Twitter.

Far more clearly, his teammate Pain : Let s put aside how good the type is in FIFA, he is human simply only disgusting and unprofessional on pro-level, the streamer realized and continued to catch up in the course of the thread. This happens with one, if you squatted in the age only before the console and developed zero in the social behavior.

15-year-old also experiences restraint

Many community members agree with the two neo players. However, there are also counter-votes that support the a lot of shot shooting star. Dullenmike should be above his defeat, and Vejrang is still very young, one could tolerate such behavior.

In addition, it is always read that the esportists are only angry that they are beaten by a child. The Anders himself expressed himself in his stream to the incident and said that laughing was directed to his Hatter, who had wanted a defeat in the chat.

and again whirl around the RB jewel

FIFA 22: ???? DULLENMIKE VS ANDERS VEJRGANG ???? | FULL GAME The behavior of Vejrgang does not care for the first time. The sentence Where s My Money? The Anders Elia s nerveless to one of his Eligella Cups passed through private message, also struck high waves - Esportler threw the 16-year-old lack of courtesy, this showed effect. Vejrgang thanked for a later participation for the invitation.

On the hunt for your own record

Sporty things are more enjoyable for the Danes. His contract at RBLZ Gaming in Leipzig was - little surprising - extended, in the Weekend League he makes himself again on a record hunt: the first three weekends could conclude Vejrgang with a balance of 60: 0.

Since the Weekend League was shortened in FIFA 22 on 20 games, but he would need 27 weeks to reach its own bottom of 536 victories. On the entry into official FIFA events, he must continue to wait due to the age restriction.

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