FIFA retains licenses for players and clubs, even under new names

ADAM CHALLENGE IN CLASH SQUAD | FREE FIRE IS SHANDAAR, JABARDAST, JINDABAAD The International Football Federation Association (in French, Fédération Internationale de Football Association) universally known for its acronym FIFA, is the institution that governs football federations throughout the planet. It was founded on May 21, 1904 and is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. It is part of the IFAB, an organism in charge of modifying the rules of the game. In addition, FIFA organizes the Football World Cup, the other world championships in their different categories, branches and variations of discipline, and the Olympic tournaments at the part of the IOC. FIFA Group 211 soccer associations or federations from different countries, with 17 countries affiliated more than the United Nations Organization, three less than the International Athletics Federations Association and two less than the International Basketball Federation.

The world of digital football simulations is currently in a phase of upheaval. Konamis PES Successor EFOOTBall 2022 is considered free2play and EA Sports, the FIFA series to miss a new name. No FIFA more - does that mean, EA also loses the rights to use the names and appearance of the players and players? No, because they are not with the FIFA.

EA and FIFPRO extend contract

The licenses are awarded by the FIFPRO player union, which represents more than 65,000 professionals. In a press release, EA announces that the cooperation has been extended and we can also enter the lawn in FIFA 23 (or as it is called) and the successors with the authentic players. From the pages of the FIFPRO it says:

We are very pleased to continue this partnership with EA SPORTS to create the world s best interactive experience for football fans, allowing our members in professional football to spread the love of football on a global stage.

Licenses A big advantage: With EA you are aware of how important the licenses are for the FIFA franchise are: One of the most important aspects of an EA sports gaming experience [is] the comprehensive immersion in the world of the game, what We underpin through the use of real leagues, teams and talents. For many years, EA has been with exclusive name rights for football professionals, leagues and associations - an important reason why many gamers for FIFA instead of PES is decided in the past.

Criticism of the award: That the real kicker will continue to be continued, is certainly good to hear, but the license drawer of the Publisher also has a negative impact on us gamers. For example, FIFA alternatives usually offer few licenses and therefore less authenticity. However, FIFA itself also includes more and more fictional clubs, as Konami goes after and after exclusive partnerships. An open assignment of all licenses would be nice for the fans, but is probably not profitable enough.

More news about FIFA 22:

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Lootboxes are retained

Another aspect of the FIFA series will also accompany us for years. EA confirmed a few days ago that will also give Lootboxen in the future. Instead of giving up the pressure of many governments, the Publisher tries to adapt the gambling mechanics - there is now a limited preview for card packs - and playing on time.

FIFA 22 is available for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and the PC.

Are you looking forward to the renewal of the name rights in FIFA?


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